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You can find yourself losing touch with your self-awareness today, so it is important that you strive to maintain a healthy ego and sense of self. An intense energy will fill the air later today and it may put you in an obsessive or jealous headspace if you're not careful. Matters of love could be particularly triggering right now, especially if you're in the midst of a breakup or having some issues in your relationship


Watch out for deceptive behaviors within your social circle today. You will be in the mood for meaningful interactions throughout the next two days, making it a great time to invest in someone special. But remember to pace yourself when it comes to blossoming relationships. Otherwise, your desire for commitment could come off as intense, possessive, or needy.


Don't be afraid to ask questions or seek assistance within your professional tasks today because you could be left feeling unclear on your current assignments. You might feel a little lost within your career goals, and you may want to ask yourself if you're actually happy with the work you do. Embrace wellness throughout the next couple of days as the universe asks you to prioritize your health.


Try not to get sucked into a rabbit hole of online shopping today because it could cause you to overspend on items that don't live up to your standards. Definitely hit up your friends this morning to blow off some steam and dive into your favorite creative outlet. 


You may struggle with issues around confidence or trusting within your own abilities today. This can bring an intense energy to the table, causing you to feel intimidated by people you wouldn't normally submit to. Your sensitive nature will become amplified by mid-morning, which could inspire you to hide away for the rest of the day. 


Try not to indulge in any unsubstantiated suspicions within your love life today. You could end up in murky or obsessive territory and we all know that is not a good thing for a controlling Virgo. You'll find yourself in a chatty mood as the day unfolds so take some mental notes for the things that go on in your day.


Try not to waste your time helping people who won't help themselves today. Though you may feel the urge to assist others in their journey, bailing out people who continue to make the same mistakes won't give you positive results. Stop putting time and energy into the people who refuse to give it to you.


The moon enters your sign this morning, elevating your energy levels while supporting your passions. You’ll also see a spark in your popularity but remember to maintain boundaries with anyone you've backed away from recently. Remember you'll need to be your number one fan today because no one has your back like you have your back.


Wishful thinking could interfere with your intuition and better judgment today. Optimism is a natural byproduct of your great personality but try not to let it cloud your good sense or hide some red flags. Invest in romance or self-care later tonight and open your heart to grace, blessings, and the beauty that exists within and around you. 


Do your best to live honestly and resist the urge to fabricate truths or tell white lies today. Keeping it real could feel like an uphill battle but you have to stop beating around the bush. You'll have a chance to let down your guard and authentically connect with your friends and family, removing the pressure to impress people you're not yet familiar with. 


Try not to let people with a historically deceptive past lull you into a false sense of security today. Don’t let anyone bring the wool over your eyes when it comes to smooth talkers, especially if they are pretty charming.


Matters of the heart could distract you from your tasks today. You can also find yourself questioning the quality of your work… but try not to get caught in a cycle of nit-picking yourself. Good vibes will continue to flow this evening, helping you reconnect with your sense of self-worth and personal value.