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Payton's Predicitons


Your mind and sense of personal motivation will act in unison this morning, making it a great day to move towards all of those goals you have set. You will definitely become impatient with the slow progress of growth later but that just makes it even more important that you stay grounded and go with the flow. 


You may begin to see rewards for actions you took a while ago this morning. This will also bless you with unforeseen opportunities, so be sure to keep your eyes open for new paths and avenues. Give yourself permission to put up guards and slow down today because people in your circle might not have the best motives. 


Opportunities may manifest within your social group today. Don't be afraid to lean on some of the people you know who may have some connections to what you want to do. You definitely want to take note of anyone who doesn't step up to the plate for you right now because that is just foreshadowing how they will be when you’re set and stable in your passion.  


Allow your creative side to come out today! Doing this will also trigger the extrovert living inside of you, but you'll want to remember to protect your energy from anyone who might drain you, or you will hit a wall. Be on guard for issues within your love life later tonight because your partner could either be feeling smothered or restricted within the relationship. 


The universe will have your back today. Luck will manifest in unforeseen ways today, and new connections could lead to major opportunities down the line. Some obstacles may arise within your path and knowing the typical leo… it is going to throw you through an emotional loop. So plan on spending the night at home and binge watch your favortie show. 


Negotiations will unfold in your favor today which will make it a great time for closing deals, asking for a raise, and pushing your agenda. Don't be afraid to tap into your strengths right now, but tread lightly when it comes to dealing with strong personalities. Take some time to nurture your body with stretching and some healthy eating. 


Your love life may benefit from some serious energy that is hedding your way today. If you’re single… a new romance is in your future, so keep your heart open to the possibility of a new connection. But also be ready for a giant reality check in your path that could completely transform your perspective. 


Your day is going to be crazy just like you! People will gravitate to you without you even realizing it, which could create some issues if you're not in the mood to play nice with people who you don’t care for. Your patience will be thin later but don’t chew off anyones head that gets on your nerves. 


Good vibes will flow with ease for you this morning and your confidence and ability to charm others will be out of this world. Your manifestation skills are going to pay off especially if you're willing to rely on your powers of persuasion in order to get what or who you want. 


Nurturing your body will bring fulfillment to your heart and soul today. Use this to radicalize your self-care routines, and implement daily habits that will contribute to your overall wellness. Take a moment to unplug from your electronic devices before bed, finding time to connect with the present. 


Your intellect and ego will feel very connected today. Your broad range of knowledge and skill sets will bring out the good energy at play, so don't be afraid to have some fun with your natural talents. Watch out for emotional change later tonight, which could threaten your ability to control what flows through your heart and mind. 


It's time to get some meditation in and you need to start looking for ways to connect with the life force that exists within and around you. Unpleasant and shocking news may fall on you later tonight so you may want to brace yourself for rocky roads up ahead.