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Try not to beat yourself up over relationships or interactions from the past that still haunt you today. You'll have an opportunity to reclaim control over your emotions while also bringing some healing to your subconscious. Take some time to reconnect with your friends and the world around you later in the day. 


The universe will shower you with love, support, and guidance today. A dreamy energy will find you this afternoon, making it a great time to exchange some business ideas with friends and family. Let your guard down a little today and you will see how it can provide you with an opportunity to set boundaries, sever unhealthy alliances, and reclaim your sense of personal authority.


You'll carry yourself with a serious and intense energy today and it will help you make headway within your personal and professional agendas. Destruction could find you later in the day and you will feel the immediate need to purge your life of any people or situations that aren't working to your benefit. 


Prioritize love and your personal sense of balance today. You'll feel the magic within your relationship making it a good time to show your partner a little extra love and appreciation. The vibe will intensify later in the day, pulling back emotional layers so keep this in the back of your mind today and continue to tell yourself to not put a guard up. 


You'll feel as though you're floating through your to-do list today. These vibes will give you an edge for making headway within your business ambitions so make sure to take a moment to clean out your desk before clocking out for the day. 


Your bold side will come out to play today and it is completely encouraging you to embrace your sass. Your antics will help you win the adoration of those you encounter. Try to cut out some time for creativity tonight and pull out some artistic inspiration from the things around you. 


Your nurturing side will find its way to the surface today. You'll have a unique opportunity to connect with others in meaningful ways this afternoon without running the risk of compromising boundaries or losing control of your emotions. An intense energy will find you later, providing you with an opportunity to purge any feelings you'd rather not hold onto. 


Don't be afraid to share your visions and creative notions with the world today. You will definitely be front and center today, so don't be afraid to step into the limelight and shine. Your thoughts will turn to more profound and serious matters later in the afternoon, helping you get to the bottom of any questions or theories that have been rattling around in your brain lately. 


You will feel inspired to let down your guard in an effort to embrace emotional exchange. This cosmic climate will also trigger the natural healer that lives within you. Money will have an empowering and intoxicating effect on you later in the day… so definitely watch your spending. 


You'll have the ability to take others on a journey today. Use this energy to paint pictures with your words, which can help you secure any support you may need when it comes to reaching your goals. 


Though there may be plenty of issues weighing on your psyche today, you'll have an opportunity to unwind and find peace as day comes to a close. Embrace this by spending some time in nature. An opportunity to find closure will present itself later in the afternoon, bringing a cleansing energy to the table that's ideal for breaking cycles.


You'll be reminded of the value of community and friendships today. Give yourself permission to procrastinate a little bit on social media and catch up with the world. Just remember to put your phone down when it becomes too draining and take a step back.