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You will want to consider more seriously your role in this world and how you can make a positive impact on society this morning. The energy at play is also a way to build yourself up and make headway with your goals.


Messages of encouragement may come through your dreams this morning. As you begin your day you will feel motivated to make headway within your career. Give yourself permission to be a little anti-social as the day comes to a close and just take some time for yourself- you definitely need it.


You may have a hard time trusting in your intuition today. This could lead to mixed signals and cloudy third eyes, so it might not be the best time to rely on your tarot cards and crystals. Watch out for power struggles later tonight and avoid the malicious people in your life.


Watch out for obsessive mental or behavioral patterns this morning from the people in your circle. This could make it difficult to control your train of thought, but grounding and finding detail within the present can help you stay focused on the tasks in front of you. 


Love and spirituality will feel interchangeable to you this morning. These vibes could have you considering the idea of eternal bonds and commitments. Unfortunately, an unbalanced energy, making it important that you find ways to stay grounded in what's real and realistic. 


Evolving your image will be at the forefront of your focus today but if you feel uncertain about how to approach this transformation… know that you’re not alone. Luckily, these tricky vibes will go away as the day continues to unfold, giving you a chance to shake off any weird feelings that may have found you earlier in the day. 


You could become preoccupied with your own thoughts today and they could completely take over. You should be able to remain in good spirits, as long as you lean into love and the things that make you unique. As the day continues to unfold your powers of persuasion will benefit from some cosmic assistance, making it a good time to push for your agenda. 


The people around you may seem distracted and unbalanced today. Luckily, you'll have an opportunity to stay connected and in tune with yourself and the world around you… as long as you stay focused on your tasks for the day and stay true to what's in your heart.


Monday is officially here but you might still feel as if you're in weekend mode. While it's certainly okay to indulge in a touch of procrastination, you should avoid blowing off your entire morning in favor of catching up with your coworkers and social media. Put the phone down, and get refocused for your week.


You should wake up with a sense of peace this morning. These vibes will bring stability to your heart, helping you sort through your emotions in a productive way. As the day goes on you'll become more comfortable with the idea of vulnerability which will allow you to peel back layers with the important people in your life. 


You'll certainly be in the mood to use your voice today and you may feel as though no one is listening. The temptation to speak even louder or throw your weight around will be real, but you may want to take a step back and reassess what is actually going on.


Watch out for insecurities and secretive behaviors within your love life this morning. These vibes could put your babe in a weird headspace, knowing who you are at your core can help you rise above any odd behaviors they may throw your way.