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You should wake up feeling grounded and in touch with your surroundings this morning. Today is a great day to indulge your senses, making it the best time to eat your favorite meals, wear your favorite perfume, and maybe even treat yourself to some retail therapy. 


The last couple of days may have felt heavier than you'd like, but this morning you'll wake up with a sense of stability and renewal as the moon enters your sign early this morning. Use this as an excuse to move at your own pace, appreciating your surroundings as you go about your business. 


A sense of peace will surround you this morning. Today you’ll be in a more introspective mood, which makes it a good time to turn off your phone and go and appreciate nature. You might find yourself questioning the real value of money, and whether or not you've been putting work, possessions, and success over having fun and enjoying the simple aspects of life. 


Connecting with your community will bring stability to your heart today. These vibes will encourage real world interactions, which will pull out the extrovert that lives inside of you. Don't be afraid to start up conversations with colleagues or strangers you meet on the street, as your soul is searching for companionship. 


Make sure that you take a moment to appreciate your professional journey up until this point this morning. This will be perfect for seeing your occupational path with more clarity, making it the best time to think about what these goals might look like. 


Take a moment to acknowledge your blessings this morning. Gratitude and manifestation will go hand in hand right now, so be sure to thank the other side for all that you have before asking for more. Signs and coincidences can help guide you toward the future, but you should also keep your eyes wide open for red flags surrounding you.


You should feel strong and in control this morning. This will give you an edge when it comes to business negotiations, so don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Your relationships will also take on a deeper meaning, as the stars remind you of the stability that comes with a support system of people who love you. 


The stars will align to bring steadiness to your heart this morning. Use these vibes as an excuse to prioritize love in all of its forms, celebrating and showing your appreciation to the people who care for you the most. Your aura will be blessed with some serious attraction, so try not to be put off if you feel like everyone keeps staring at you, because they are just simply appreciating your beauty. 


You'll find stability and comfort within your routines today. This will also put you in touch with your body, causing you to rethink your dietary choices, sleep patterns, and general consumption habits. Investing in wellness products can help inspire you to live healthier, but you should avoid going overboard, and take baby steps toward your goals. 


You'll be in an outgoing and playful mood today! These vibes will push you to nurture your own interests, expanding your skills as a student or creative. A desire to connect with your nearest and dearest will also come into play, making it a good time to plan an outing with your best friends.


You may find it difficult to find the motivation to leave your house this morning. This will highlight all the elements of your house that make it a home, though you may feel inspired to improve upon the aesthetic of your space. 


You'll feel more in tune with your surroundings this morning. This will put you in touch with the subtle nuances that exist within the material realms, elevating your understanding of how our world works. Messages from beyond could come through in the form of coincidences, so you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for that.