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  1. Fallen in love
  2. Started your pension
  3. Learned basic DIY skills
  4. Bought a house
  5. Gone travelling
  6. Had at least three months’ salary in savings
  7. Been married
  8. Had a child
  9. Owned a pet
  10. Written a will
  11. Had a hangover that made you want to quit drinking forever
  12. Donated blood
  13. Had your heart broken
  14. Volunteered somewhere
  15. Be in a position to plan for retirement
  16. Won at least £10 on the lottery
  17. Earned a degree
  18. Become debt free
  19. Seen a stage show in the west end
  20. Had a one-night stand
  21. Secured your dream job
  22. Overpaid on the mortgage
  23. Had a fight
  24. Tried being a vegetarian/ vegan for a certain period
  25. Visited at least three of the seven wonders of the world
  26. Attended a black-tie ball
  27. Created a family tree
  28. Gone skinny dipping
  29. Invested in the stock market
  30. Been on a cruise
  31. Lived in a city centre
  32. Reached manager level at your job
  33. Started a business
  34. Moved to the countryside
  35. Visited most of the continents
  36. Flown first class
  37. Been sacked from a job
  38. Bought a holiday home
  39. Been whale watching
  40. Written a book

These are the 40 things every 40-year old 'should' have done - digitalhub (