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Give you permission to indulge in a little bit of luxury as long as it doesn't sabotage your long-term plans. These vibes are perfect for considering what you'd like your financial future to look like, as the stars will align to help you achieve success. The universe may throw some randomness into your path later in the day and an old friend might hit you up.


You'll wake up with an optimistic feeling about the future. You will have to work for any goals you may have set recently, but it's okay to move at a steady pace to get it done. You may begin to feel as though you've hit a professional wall, and unforeseen obstacles could make your life seem super complicated. 


Mistakes from the past could bring disruption to your psyche this morning. You'll also have an opportunity to find closure within these circumstances, as long as you forgive yourself and make the decision to let go. Unfortunately, some intrusive thoughts may begin to throw you off track later this afternoon, so if you feel like you’re about to spiral… take a few deep breaths and then move forward. 


Look for opportunities to grow your network today. The relationships you invest in now will remain a constant in your future. You'll want to stay on guard for anyone who might try to hold you back. 


Doors could begin to open within your professional life today. Don't be afraid to step into your power and assert your authority, especially if it can help you move forward within your career. Make sure that you're not taking on more than you can chew, and consider investing in your professional image.


Take a moment to work with your favorite meditation practices this morning. This can provide guidance for the future, but you'll need to open yourself up to subliminal messages. Blessings may hit you in unusual ways later in the afternoon, so definitely get ready for that.


You'll feel ready to step into the responsibilities that are required of you in order to move towards the future this morning. This will encourage you to take destiny into your own hands, but you shouldn't feel rushed to produce results, because these grand transformations will take time. Watch out for power struggles within your close friendships or romantic connections because it could stir up insecurities or controlling behaviors within both yourself and those you're involved with.


Your thoughts will be filled with romance and fantasies of what the future may have in store this morning. While this cosmic climate can help you make headway within your love life, try to keep your eyes peeled for red flags, or you could end up repeating dating mistakes from the past. 


The universe will ask you to take an organized approach to the future this morning. Use this energy as an opportunity to think your plans through and outline the steps you need to take in order to make these goals happen. 


This cosmic climate will allow you to feel supported within your personal ambitions, making it a good time to advocate for your dreams. Unfortunately, rocky waters could find you later in the afternoon, threatening to shake the foundations you've worked so hard to build. Do your best to go with the flow right now, and avoid indulging in retail therapy if you begin to feel emotional.


Take a moment to invest in your emotional health this morning. This will accentuate the value of self-care, making it a good time to support your heart through soft stretches, sunrise meditations, or positive mantras. Try not to succumb to the blues if they find you, looking for ways to nurture your mind and body if grim thoughts manifest.


You'll have an opportunity to open doors for yourself this morning. However, this cosmic climate will require you to use your voice, making it important that you speak up for your dreams. Watch out for rocky waters later in the because you could end up cursed with mental blocks or insecurities and fear.