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Opportunities for financial gain within a professional capacity may manifest for you this morning. This will allow you to transform within your field, setting you up for bigger paychecks down the line. Use this to ask your colleagues and friends thoughtful questions about themselves, in order to make some better connections with them.


These vibes will provide you with an opportunity to take your spirituality to a new depth. Your thoughts may begin to align in strange ways once the moon enters Gemini later this afternoon, and your manifestation skills will benefit from a significant boost. Remember that it's important to ask the universe for what you want. Otherwise, it may never deliver.


You may have some deep thoughts to sort through this morning. These vibes are perfect for moving past negative thought patterns that have been holding you back.. Use this to push your agenda throughout the next two days, as people will be more susceptible to your charms and willing to work with you.


Platonic relationships could transform into something deeper this morning. This will stir things up for you romantically, making it a great time to embrace supportive and healthy love. You will have some intuitive and emotional breakthroughs, making it a good time to bring some structure into your personal journey toward healing.


You won't be in the mood to play nice with people you have a complicated history with today. This will also cause you to avoid the idea of smalltalk, so you may want to keep a tight circle for now. The vibe will improve later tonight giving you the opportunity to find healing. 


You'll wake up with a creative charge this morning. Use this energy to journal before heading into work, as inspiration will flow freely. This can help you make fast and efficient strides toward your career goals, but you'll need to be willing to share ideas and let your vision be known.


An emotional release may be in store for you this morning. This will stir up feelings from the depths of your heart, making it a good time to let go and just let yourself cry to let it all out. Luckily, the effects of this will be healing and will help you transform into a more evolved version of yourself. 


Intense developments may manifest within your love life today. Open and honest communication can help elevate your relationships to the next level, so don't be afraid to bring transparency and vulnerability to the table. Themes around serious commitment will come into play later this afternoon, creating an "all in or all out" energy that could either make or break your relationship. 


Try to take a moment to organize your space this morning. This is perfect for taking control of your finances, which will provide you with a sense of empowerment. Love will fill the air today, activating the sector of your chart that governs matters of the heart so flirting with that cutie you've had your eye on will probably go over well.


There's one thing that will make you feel powerful this morning. This will bring out your sassy side, allowing you to let loose without sacrificing your composure. Take today head on and things will definitely be working out in your favor.


If you want to reshape your perspective this morning… it wouldn’t be a bad idea. As long as you open your heart to the idea of change and let go of any negativity that's been weighing you down things will really be looking up for you.


Don't be afraid to exchange pep talks with your friends this morning. This can help elevate your confidence, though a little self-assurance from your besties can bring these sentiments to the next level. The power of thought will be extremely powerful, so be sure to keep a positive attitude, which I know isn’t too hard for your typical Pisces.