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There will be a lot of activity floating through your mind today. Some pleasant surprises will find you this afternoon, which could be anything from unexpected gifts to a new admirer. Be ready, because a dreamy energy will take hold as the evening closes, allowing you to slip quietly into a restorative slumber. 


Old wounds could prevent you from walking into the future today. Try not to let the past influence your present in negative ways and give yourself permission to let go of any trauma that might be weighing you down. Look for ways to nurture your intuition before the day comes to a close, with a meditation session or a lavender bath. 


Try not to let the success of others make you feel inferior this morning, especially when it comes to financial or social achievements. Maintaining a positive attitude can help you plan for the road ahead, allowing you to achieve each impressive goal you set for yourself. Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings this afternoon, as the universe conspires to bless you with rare moments of beauty and spiritual surprises. 


A sense of destiny will fill the air this morning. Open yourself up to guidance from the people you admire, especially if you've been struggling to see the path ahead with clarity. Good news will come later in the day, giving you an excuse to find joy and celebrate life. 


You have permission to fly under the radar and lay low today. This will put you in a quiet and possibly intense mood, though you'll maintain your ability to see the beauty within this world. It’s a good time to temporarily let your guard down for some fun and maybe even a little bit of flirting. 


The universe is going to bless you with new connections that will prove valuable down the line. But you definitely want to avoid rekindling old relationships right now. Also, you should consider spending the evening refining your image online, purging any old posts or photographs that no longer reflect the image you hope to project. 


Don't be afraid to advocate for yourself professionally today. You will have an edge when it comes to negotiations, investments, and sealing new clients or partnerships, making it important that you follow your career instincts and move forward boldly. Just remember that it's okay to pause in favor of finding balance, especially if you begin to feel your stress levels elevate. 


You'll feel as though the universe is on your side today. This is sure to elevate your manifestation skills, so don't be afraid to lean into your mysterious side while asking for some extra support. You'll be reminded of the beauty that exists within love and friendship this afternoon, making it a good time to show your appreciation for the ones you love. 


Try not to get entangled in any power struggles or drama this morning. This could play tricks on your ego, but try not to get defensive over your pride. Luckily, the vibe will lighten this afternoon, helping you come to a more grounded and peaceful headspace. 


You may feel a bit emo when you wake up this morning. But thankfully, You'll be able to lean into love and look for ways to express yourself creatively. A romantic charge will fill the air this afternoon, making it a good time to flirt and admire that special someone. 


Disorganization may be your Achilles heel this morning. This will act as a wake-up call that it's time to get your affairs in order, even if all you need to do is tidy up your space. Plan on spending the evening taking care of your body at home by cooking nutrient-rich foods, stretching, or taking a relaxing bath.


The Cancer moon will ask you to fully embrace yourself today, so try not to overthink your choices as long as you like and approve of them. Your artistic side will come out to play and this afternoon could result in a stroke of artistic genius. Love will also manifest in unexpected places, so try to keep your heart open to good people and pleasant conversation.