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A desire for control could cause you to shut down emotionally this morning. While it's obviously okay to bring yourself to a place of composure in order to go about your day, try not to bury your feelings so deep that you forget to process them later. 


Your spirituality can help you find clarity today. Don't be afraid to face your fears and anxieties head-on, as doing so will provide you with an opEportunity to let go of them for good. As the day unfolds you'll be in the mood for excitement, but try to keep the party at home and stay in instead of going out for dinner.


Your vibe may be a little more intense than you realize today. While this will certainly give you a taste of power, try not to be overly pushy. The vibe will lighten later in the day, inspiring you to ground and honor your emotions, as well as finding beauty in the present. 


Issues within your love life or romantic disappointment could throw off your morning. This could also trigger obsessive behavior, so you'll want to avoid snooping on your exes or current crush online. Luckily, your mind will wander toward more productive topics in a couple hours, and a boost to your popularity will provide you with some much-needed distractions. 


There's an astrological risk that you may be too hard on yourself this morning. Try not to get down on yourself for being imperfect, and understand that every mistake you make provides an opportunity to learn. Thankfully, a cosmic pick-me-up will help you reclaim your joy as long as you tap into your gratitude and acknowledge the blessings around you. 


The vibe may feel off within your social sphere this morning. Watch out for emotional traps and controversial discussions, and avoid getting sucked into any drama that doesn't concern you. Use this crazy energy to quietly put out some fires and just lay low for a little bit. 


You'll feel emotionally invested and committed to your professional growth today. This will allow you to handle your daily tasks with ease, but you may want to shoot a little higher than you normally would. You’ll feel the desire for social interaction tonight so use this energy as an excuse to get out of the house for a little. 


Your words may carry more weight than you realize this morning. While events in your life are sure to provide you with profound new insights, you may want to pull back from sharing them right away, or you could come off as a little much. 


You'll walk with authority today. These vibes are perfect for making an impression professionally, though you'll want to make sure you're carrying yourself in a refined and composed manner. Your aura will also be blessed with some extra sparkle, helping you bring the charm to get what you want. 


You may feel as though you're in a battle with your own emotions this morning. A disconnect between what your heart wants and what is good for you will come into play, but try not to put too much pressure on yourself to figure it all out at once. You'll notice a shift later in the afternoon, asking you to commit or walk away from any situations you've been on the fence about. 


The universe will ask you to make some changes today. While this could trigger brutal realizations around unhealthy behaviors or patterns, it will also provide opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Remember to value yourself as you are in the moment, without losing sight of what you hope to achieve. 


A few haters might come out from the shadows this morning, but try not to give them the power to weigh you down. An opposition between the people around you could bring out the worst in them, so it is just best for you to stay clear of any messiness going on in your friend groups or home life.