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You'll feel alive and free as the day goes on today. These vibes are all about embracing the unique talents, styles, and interests that make you… you, so be sure to lean into your creative side. 


Give yourself permission to prioritize your heart today. If you’re in a relationship right now, there might be some romantic issues and emotional stress coming your way soon so talking to your friends will be therapeutic… so be sure to reach out to your besties. 


Try not to let a fear of the unknown hold you back from pursuing the future. This cosmic climate could play games with your confidence if you begin to overanalyze your life and relationships, making it important that you stay centered and focused on what you can control. 


The internet can be a dangerous place for you today, especially if you find yourself scrolling online for some retail therapy! Before you spend all your money on materialistic items to curate your image… focus your time and energy on refining your special skills instead.


You will feel your spirits lift today and have a sense of possibility, but your personal and professional responsibilities could cause you to feel restricted. Embracing your friendships or working with a creative outlet can help make you feel more at peace, and you'll feel inspired to make a positive impact on your community. 


As the sun takes its final steps through your sign, you should look for ways to celebrate and honor your life's journey up until this point. You'll definitely want to focus this agenda on elevating your confidence and sense of strength. Take some notes about some of the things you're thankful for during the day, and read over them again tonight.


Shocking truths or moments of enlightenment will manifest for you today. This will shine a light on that which was once hidden, changing your perspective of certain people or situations. You might begin to feel a little destabilized by this so do your best to go with the flow right now.


You'll be in a serious yet warm mood today. This will bring out the authoritative strength that lives within you without the risk of intimidating others. You'll understand the value of keeping your cards close to your chest, but also be aware of how you treat people so you don’t come across as cold.  


The universe will be begging for your attention today. Use this energy as an excuse to spend a little extra time under the sun. You tend to move quickly, but right now might be a good time to quiet down and connect with the earth. 


It's okay if you need to get a little strict with yourself today. This will accentuate your inherent need to evolve, inspiring you to make healthier and more efficient choices. Your ego will be the driving force that guides your journey for self-improvement and personal transformation so don't feel guilty about setting boundaries with anyone who isn't in support of your growth. 


Allow yourself to live in a graceful state today. The people around you may not be in a balanced place, so it's best to just focus on maintaining your energy. Conversations around love and relationships will come into play this evening, helping you sort through any confusion that may be ruining your romantic life. 


The vibe will be quite busy today. You may be called to help out a friend and you'll feel tempted to draw from your own experiences,.. but you should resist the urge to toot your own horn, or you could come across as disconnected. Instead, try to focus on your friend's specific situation, and draw parallels where they are appropriate and offer to give support where you can.