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Major shifts in your life will manifest today and this will encourage you to prioritize beauty, balance, and love throughout the next several weeks, making it important that you tune in and listen to your heart. This could bring some heat to your love life, so be sure to indulge in a bit of flirting with the object of your desires. 


Try not to let your heart confuse your mind today. Be aware that you could internally glorify people who don't deserve your praise. Today is a great day to invest mentally, emotionally, and financially into elevating your physical stamina.


If you had a rough night's sleep, you’re not alone… so did every other Gemini. Luckily, your mind will find a way to be very productive regardless of how much sleep you got last night. You may need to set boundaries with yourself by taking it easy at work, but don’t get yourself in trouble by procrastinating. 


Take this as a warning… Dramatic or destructive news might be waiting in your DMs this morning, so stay clear of social media unless you want your day ruined. Staying grounded and focusing on your priorities can help you through your adversity if you do decide to dive into some drama. 


You probably had a terrible night's sleep and a foggy energy could take complete hold of your mind this morning so it's important that you're mindful of your surroundings and who you engage with. You don’t want to surround yourself with anyone who is going to be emotionally draining because that attitude of yours will come off very strong.


You may have had a really weird dream last night but don’t even worry about decoding what it means… it’ll be a waste of time so try not to wrack your brain too much over what transpired while you were deep in slumber. The vibe may feel off within your romantic life this afternoon when Luna forms an unbalanced aspect with Neptune, but try not to read into any suspicions or paranoia your psyche may be harboring. The vibe will shift with the dawn of fall this evening, setting you up for a season of luxury. 


IT’S LIBRA SEASON Y’ALL. You’re probably going to feel a little antsy today but that’s expected as we are moving into your sign. You’ll probably feel preoccupied with the weight of your responsibilities this afternoon but you’ll also probably find yourself cleaning up other people's messes. Try not to give too much of yourself away right now. 


Staying focused on your career path is going to set you on the right track today. Take pride in your occupation. You'll want to be mindful that you're maintaining your composure in both professional and social settings so things don’t crash and burn for you. 


It would be easy to get lost in fantasy this afternoon. This could lead to some seriously euphoric daydreams, but try not to hang your hopes on any scenarios your heart comes up with right now. Your relationship with money is going to be tested this evening so it’s probably not the best day for retail therapy. 


You'll be in an investigative headspace today. Your intuition is going to be elevated, but don’t get too far ahead of yourself because you probably have it all wrong. Running with suspicion is going to create more issues that aren't based in reality, so remember to mind your own business today.


Love is going to fill the air so you may want to be cautious when it comes to opening your heart. You could end up with a false sense of security within your romantic connections which is going to bring out some hidden insecurities. 


If you haven't been taking good care of your body you'll feel it this afternoon. Lethargy, lack of focus, and feeling weighed down are all be signs that it's time to prioritize your wellness, so be sure to make healthy choices. Take a moment to focus on how you'd like to evolve throughout the next month, as the universe will support your path toward self-improvement.