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Spiritual guidance and grand epiphanies are going to find you this morning. Take a moment to document any brilliant ideas that find you right now, and be sure to take note of any interesting dreams you may have had.


You should wake up feeling at peace this morning which will bring you emotional release and healing going into the weekend. Good vibes will continue to flow your way, helping you evolve past unhealthy behaviors in order to make space for wellness. 


Your popularity will dramatically increase overnight so don't be surprised if you wake up to new social media followers and a full inbox, as people are definitely going to be hitting you up. Your ego is going to crave attention so just be careful who you get into an entanglement with because not everyone has your best interest. 


Consider cleaning up your space and bringing out the sage and incense this morning. This cosmic climate is going to ask you to get your domestic affairs in order, which includes staying on top of your household duties and fixing your drain that has been clogged for 3 weeks. Consider setting boundaries with your phone in order to focus on your health and recharge later tonight. 


You'll captivate your audiences today and this will bring a grounded charisma to your aura, giving you a chance to shine in your element. You'll want to be mindful of setting reasonable boundaries as people will be naturally drawn to your vibe, which could become tiresome if you get stuck with an energy sucker. 


Your heart will be in an optimistic place today so connecting with nature and acknowledging the magic that surrounds you can help you make the most of these supportive vibes, opening you up to more joy and love. Nurturing your loved ones will also bring a sense of satisfaction so it's a great time to whip up a meal for your friends. 


Your words will have a meaningful impact on the people you come across today. Let your shiny disposition come through because your smile and kindness will be contagious. Give yourself permission to daydream as the day ends, but be sure to take notes on any brilliant ideas that find their way to you. 


Your connection to nature will feel profound and spiritual this morning which will accentuate your sensual side, making it a good time to find healing through nature. Plan on dedicating some time to nurturing your health and wellness before the weekend so you’re refreshed for the new week. 


You'll have an opportunity to secure a place of respect within your community today and this energy will act as a cosmic cue that it's time to reach out to your contacts. You'll be in the mood for fun later tonight so surround yourself with your most loyal and supportive people. 


You’ll find a healthy balance between implementing boundaries and letting others see into your soul this weekend. Use your intuition when it comes to navigating these things and open up when it feels safe. Just remember to keep your distance if the vibe isn't right. 


The universe will strive to place supportive and positive people in your path today. These vibes are perfect for creating bonds with any acquaintances you feel drawn to, so be sure to reach out if you're hoping to develop a new friendship. Your popularity will be elevated right now, and people will be eager to interact so don’t be surprised if one of your tiktoks goes viral. 


Keep your eyes open for professional doors to walk through today. This will give you an opportunity to advocate for yourself within business matters, without feeling awkward or overly demanding for what you deserve. These vibes can also bring support to your personal investments, but you should be mindful to research any major financial moves before making them.