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The day could get off to a rocky start for you and this could leave you feeling a little off balance, especially if you've been dealing with professional or romantic drama. You’ll be able to stay organized as long as you pace yourself and remain focused on the important things.


Try not to let bad luck or a pessimistic attitude blind you to the beauty that surrounds you this morning. Even if you feel the universe is testing you, remember to keep calm because we all know what happens when the bullheaded Taurus doesn’t get their way. 


Watch out for power struggles this morning or your ego could end up with some bruising. Staying true to your heart and leaning into love can help you overcome these weird vibes, so try not to let anyone get under your skin. 


You may feel as though your emotions aren't being taken this morning. These vibes could be particularly disruptive to your love life, but try not to lose yourself when it comes to expressing what's in your heart. Good vibes are coming your way which will help you transform in deep and meaningful ways. 


Your mind could be playing tricks on you this morning, especially if you start to overanalyze or criticize your own work. You also want to be mindful that you're not putting unrealistic expectations on others and try not to give unsolicited advice or corrections to your peers. 


BE YOURSELF TODAY! You might start to feel that your sense of self is slipping away which makes it important that you put on a brave face and are accepting of yourself. Your mind is going to be all over the place with new ideas today, so make sure you have pen and paper on hand. 


Try not to be a sore loser this morning. Your patience for other people is going to be insanely minimal and you might find yourself struggling to accept advice or criticism. It’s probably a good time to treat yourself because all you probably need is some ice cream to pull you out of your funk. 


Try not to argue with yourself this morning because it is just going to cause you to fall into feelings of self-doubt .Connecting with a supportive friend will help you get through the rest of the week. You'll begin to feel more confident and optimistic later in the day which will encourage you to reconnect with your self.


Try not to fall victim to those clickbait ads when on your phone this morning. Some trouble is coming to your bank account and these vibes are going to threaten your sense of security. So you heard it here first- put your phone on do not disturb today and hide your credit cards. 


Allow your spirituality to ask as a guiding force this morning or you will put unnecessary restraints on yourself. Believing in yourself will be key to the day's success, especially when it comes to your professional responsibilities. Use this energy as an excuse to plan an impromptu dinner with your friends or colleagues but be sure to support small businesses for good luck.


The universe is going to send you a strong message this morning if you've been caught in a cycle of unhealthy patterns. This can help you identify where change needs to happen, so you may want to pay attention to any people or situations that leave you feeling on edge. 


You'll recognize a pretty harsh contrast between your toxic and supportive friendships today. Use this energy as an opportunity to move away from negativity and toward love, which will allow you to transform your social circle into a more positive place. This week is a really great week to build structure within your domestic life.