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You’re going to begin to be completely invested in your relationships. The loyalty that is coming your way will require that you choose your allies wisely so you should avoid anyone who may have an ulterior motive or jealous tendencies. 


Give yourself permission to walk with optimism and a sense of hope today because these vibes are perfect for recommitting to dreams or people you want to grow a deeper connection with. Accepting your past and taking accountability for old actions can help you evolve through any discomfort that finds its way to you. 


The universe is looking for ways to support and teach you, so it would be incredibly foolish. You’re going to be put in an organized and efficient headspace. Today is the best day to chip away at your real-world goals but self-doubts or reliving mistakes from the past could cause you to crash. 


Don't let anyone chip away at your confidence or sense of self today so you’re definitely going to invite you to embrace authenticity even if doing that brings some challenges. There are some things that could get in the way of your growth going into the weekend and it could alienate you from new connections. 


You'll feel more sensitive and drawn to the comforts of home today. This gives you the perfect excuse to lay low while embracing domestic bliss, so don't feel guilty about canceling plans if you'd rather kick it on the couch. Some serious issues are going to be in your future if others aren't respecting your boundaries. 


Your conversations will feel more profound than usual today and these vibes are perfect for ditching small talk and really dive into some deep conversations. But definitely be mindful of how transparent you are with your own thoughts and emotions.


Some extra luck is going to be there for any moves you make today which makes it important that you put yourself and your ideas on the line. These vibes could also cause you to second guess your ability to evolve, but try not to let heavy energy weigh you down. 


You’re going to be tested and pushed to open up on a more emotional level when it comes to some of the people you love. Which I know can be really hard for the venomous scorpio. These vibes are perfect for letting go of outdated ideals and behavioral patterns, which will allow you to mature and grow in such amazing ways.


A disconnect between your ability to organize and what your heart fantasizes about could cause you to get caught in a rut today so make sure that you take an honest look at your goals and what it will take to reach them. 


Try not to let tradition hold you back from being your most authentic self today, or you could end up creating obstacles for yourself. It will also be important that you bring structure to any passion projects you've been working on, even if the artist within you wants to run wild. 


Try not to let hurt feelings or sorrow get in the way of your confidence today because this can help elevate your sense of self, but only if you're willing to accept and grow from any pain your heart may be holding on to. Use this energy to get strict with yourself, or you could end up missing out on new opportunities that may lead to a brighter and more successful future.  


Taking control of the way your mind thinks will be an important theme for you today. Follow your heart regardless if issues could arise if you fail to keep yourself together. You should also be really cautious when it comes to expressing what's on your heart, or your secrets could end up circulating in unfortunate ways.