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Professional breakthroughs will manifest for you this morning and it’s sure to shake up your foundations for the better. You'll need to maintain resilience and set up for any opportunities that land in your path because the universe will ask you to bring some logic into your fantasies. 


Lean into your spiritual side today because it will provide you with an opportunity to break away from any barriers that have left you feeling restricted recently. You'll start to feel optimistic about what is coming and it'll be important that you have patience for your progress. 


A reality check is coming for you this morning so be on your toes for this. The things coming your way could be shocking, any disruption that finds you will act as a springboard to move you away from any people or situations that are no longer contributing to your overall happiness. 


Nurturing your relationships will be a major priority for you this morning so use this energy to break the silence with an old friend. Things could get a little rough this week so you'll need to be mindful that you're not running from your responsibilities. 


This morning will bring an opportunity to clean up any messes you might have made recently and you may need to take an unconventional approach to your damage control mission. Your social media will cause you to lose track of time today so it's important that you stay focused on work and resist the urge to reach for your phone. 


Creative breakthroughs could manifest for you this morning so pay close attention to any ideas that creep into your head right now. You might find yourself beginning to lose steam or hit roadblocks, but try not to let these wonky vibes discourage you. 


This morning will offer you a chance to break free from any emotional weight that's been dragging you down and these vibes will also encourage you to step into your personal power, so don't let anyone push you around. 


A secret admirer may reveal themselves to you this morning but even if you don't receive a massive declaration of love you may want to pay attention to who reaches out during this time, because it could mean they've caught the feels for you and just don’t want to admit it yet. 


Luck may hit in unexpected places this morning and these vibes could also bring in new opportunities for you at work, especially if you showcase the hard worker that you are. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with your social circle and opportunities to grow your online following will also come to light! 


You'll be in a quirky mood this morning so don't be afraid to indulge in your weirdest whims right now because right now is the best time to be unapologetically yourself. Unfortunately though, the party may come to a temporary stop later this week especially if you've got some work to catch up on. 


You'll be in good spirits as you wake up this morning which means it is a perfect day for switching things up at home. Some good vibes are coming your way and it will give you the opportunity to stabilize and heal some of your heart through the art of letting go. 


Your social scene, both online and in real life, will be buzzing with excitement today. Brace yourself for hot gossip and shocking news, because these vibes are sure to bring forth a few bombshells. You might begin to feel a bit burnt out at the end of the day… and if you do… don’t try to do too much for the rest of the week. You emotionally just cannot handle it