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Your dreams are going to guide you toward the future this morning so take a moment to think about any significant encounters that happened while you were asleep. Take notes of any strange details that might make more sense later. 


Leadership opportunities could present themselves today and this will push you to carve out a name for yourself within society, making it the best time to invest in your community and any charitable causes that are near your heart. Getting caught up in small details could cause you to hold back so remember to keep on pushing forward. 


Harsh realities might manifest within your social circle today and these vibes will allow you to see clearly who your true friends are. The toxicity of anyone in your circle who has a penchant for jealousy, drama, or is downright mean is going to magnify today. If you find your feelings are continuously hurt by someone you consider a friend , now is a good time to address the situation head-on, even if it results in the end of your friendship. 


Inspiring or healing dreams will manifest for you pretty early this morning so take a moment to reflect on your dreams and open yourself up to messages of encouragement from the other side. You might find yourself wanting to temporarily shut down from the people you love so that you can sort through your heart and soul in solitude… but just give yourself a day and you will be back to normal. 


You’re going to wake up feeling emotionally refreshed and you might see some recurring things go on during your day, but try your best to not to run from your intuition right now, even if you're not in love with what it's saying. Watch out for power struggles and sketchy behaviors within your circles today because some people in your life right now might need to see their way to the exit. 


Romantic dreams could give you insight into your love so be sure to take note if anyone special showed up in your sleep last night, as it could help unpack what truly lies in your heart. Watch out for financial or business-related anxiety and you should also try to avoid spending right now, especially when it comes to unessential items.


You'll be in a helpful mood today and you should definitely lend a hand if it will bring you satisfaction, but you should try to be mindful of other people's boundaries and whether or not they want your help in the first place. 


You should wake up feeling rested, open-hearted, and confident so be sure to use this energy as an excuse to be present while focusing on your goals, as people will respond well to that. Some insecurities might find their way to you if you demand too much from yourself. 


Don't be surprised if you experienced some vivid dreams last night, or if you have any tonight either. Your psyche needs to make sense of any issues you've been hung up on recently and your dreams can bring some explanation. Online drama could find its way to you which threatens to unravel any sweetness you may have had if you don't guard your energy.


You’ll probs feel a little bit emotionally hungover today and this could leave you with some serious nerves, which won't be easy to process. You might see that some of your friends will want to dump their issues on you, but you’re not going to be in the mood to play therapist but fake it till you make it anyways.


Lead with your heart but move slowly today because you'll feel more emotionally sensitive than usual and this is perfect for grounding yourself and tapping into your gratitude. Your intuition and sense of logic could be at odds as the day ends so try not to close yourself off to the greatness that surrounds you, simply because your mind is trying to tell you that something isn't possible. 


Visitors from beyond might manifest within your dreams this morning so take a moment to find peace and sit in these good vibes once you’re awake. There might be some underlying tension to contend with as the day unfolds, but try not to get caught up in power struggles and be sure to step outside for a moment if you begin to feel overwhelmed.