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The day is going to kick off with a sleepy vibe, you'll start to feel refreshed and elevated and you will also have some extra luck in your direction, so don't be surprised if your money starts to look up. Your popularity is also going to elevate this week which means you’re going to have a long week ahead when it comes to meeting up with people in your circle. 


Don't be surprised if you wake up to some juicy gossip today and this will definitely stir up drama within your social circle, and you may be called to untangle a few messes when it comes to your friends. 


You may have a hard time maintaining boundaries this morning but luckily the vibe will be a chill one, so it's unlikely that you'll have to deal with too much push and pull. Be sure to try to get your friends together for brunch or this week because the way things are looking for you in the next couple of weeks… you’re going to want your people in your corner. 


Give yourself space for peace and quiet mediation this morning to give you the best opportunity to heal emotionally, so be sure to lean into that. You’re going to feel motivated to build stability for yourself, while also providing you with an opportunity to work towards growing your dreams. 


Take a moment for quiet meditation and introspection when you wake up today because it is the perfect day for letting things go. Your aura will benefit from some extra sparkle today so don’t be surprised if the thing you didn’t think would work out… does.


Odd dreams could have left you tossing and turning which has probably completely ruined the good nights rest that you needed. Don't feel guilty about sleeping in if you feel the need to and just consider it your first act of self-care this weekend.


Your psyche may dust up some pretty bad dreams this morning but do your best to not to read into it too deep, especially if you had a really bad one. But on the other end of things, a passionate and romantic energy is coming your way so it's a great time to prioritize your love life. 


You'll feel like the cat that got the mouse this morning so these vibes are perfect for taking a lofty approach to life, so don't feel guilty about lying in bed for a while after you wake up. 


You'll feel cozy and at peace in your bed this morning and luckily, you'll begin to reclaim your energy so get out and have some fun. Your adventurous side will come out today, especially in the afternoon, so if you have the time… go and explore somewhere you haven’t been. 


Try not to get caught up in your image this morning because this can bring out frustrations about your hair and clothes that don't fit right, so remember to take a deep breath and remove the pressure to look a certain way can help you overcome this. REMEMBER SOCIAL MEDIA ISN’T REAL


Your body may need some extra rest this morning because it will restore your motivation and naturally quick wit. These vibes are also perfect for using your voice, as long as the message you have is a positive one. 


You may find it difficult to escape your own mind this morning and this could lead to intrusive thoughts so it's important that you find healthy ways to ground and calm yourself before the day begins. You should also be mindful of your words, because you definitely don’t want to blurt something out that you regret saying later.