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Social drama could knock you off your balance this morning so try your best not to take the bait if someone throws an attitude your way, and just be mindful to respect other people's boundaries. If not- you’re in for a pretty nasty cat fight whether it's with a friend or a stranger.


Your ambitions may unexpectedly shift this morning and it is going to snap you awake from any unrealistic fantasies you've been sold on recently. A reality check is coming your way and it is coming QUICK. Tread lightly at work today because you don’t want to do or say anything to ruin upcoming opportunities


Your fears and your potential might clash this morning which is going to completely trigger your anxiety and that could hold you back from following your dreams, so it's important that you find ways to calm down if things begin to spin in negative ways. Especially when it comes to work for the rest of the week because if you let these anxieties take over you will not be productive whatsoever.


It's okay if you want to keep a low profile this morning because the vibes around you are going to put you in a philosophical and introspective mood, which could cause you to lose any interest in socialization. So definitely do your best to give yourself the space you need without being standoffish


The vibe may feel a little off at work this morning and this is going to cause some mood swings or stubbornness within your space so go ahead and put all your co-workers in a group chat and let them know it’s going to be a rough one today. Also- it’s definitely not the best time to ask your boss for some time off or a raise. 


You'll be reminded of the importance of organization this morning. On one hand, this cosmic climate will inspire you to chase your dreams, while on the other, failure to keep your agenda in order can lead you to feel as though you've bitten off more than you can chew. Make sure you check your calendar so 


Watch your mood this morning because the way that the stars are aligned right now will bring an intensity to your aura, which could cause you to push a few buttons if you're not willing to work with others. It’s really important today that you avoid anyone who gets on your nerves because things will not end up good for anyone involved.


Your day could get off to a rough start and a sense that you're unrested and emotionally depleted will cause you to act and feel as though you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but a morning walk or meditation session will help you regain control of your mood, so that is something to look out for. 


You might find yourself being overly critical of others without even realizing it this morning, and it will bring out the perfectionist that lives within you, but try not to put unreasonable demands on yourself or the people around you. 


Try not to get caught up in your image this morning because this can bring out frustrations about your hair and clothes that don't fit right, so remember to take a deep breath and remove the pressure to look a certain way can help you overcome this. REMEMBER SOCIAL MEDIA ISN’T REAL


Your home may feel a little bit chaotic this morning but you will still be able to maintain control of your own thoughts and feelings, but dealing with the people who live in your house could be another story.


Don't feel guilty if you want to unplug from your responsibilities today and don't feel guilty about lounging around in your favorite PJs. A taste for the finer things in life will hit later today, making it a great time to get yourself together, head out, and spoil yourself.