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You’re going to feel inspired to bring a little bit of weirdness into your day and this is perfect to just let your guard down and be yourself for once. Stop putting on a front for everyone else. Look for ways to elevate your ego and those of the people around you before the end of the day to boost some of your social status when it comes to work.


You’re going to have a big opportunity to impress your colleagues and superiors in the next few weeks. Do your best to break through any mental blocks that have been holding you back and do your best to believe in yourself wholeheartedly. Look for ways to elevate your creative discipline before the day comes to an end and go after what you want. 


You have a lot of luck on your side today, so don't be afraid to take some chances today… especially when it comes to making some new connections. You’re going to be in the mood for some romance and fun, so be sure to get some socialization in before the day closes.


Today is going to bring out your darker side and your dry sense of humor, giving you an opportunity to explore what sits in the depths of your heart. When it comes to matters of love your bonds will feel more intense than usual but try not to invest in anyone who has a thing for jealous or manipulative behaviors.


Whether you're single, dating, or happily committed, love will hang in the air for you this morning. You’re going to feel as if you understand your heart with more clarity and remember you can give yourself permission to prioritize harmony above everything else. 


Take a moment to consider the relationship you share with your body today. You’re going to want to prioritize your wellness and then you will finally understand that your body and soul are an inseparable team. Think about what your physical goals look like for the next ten to twenty years and dedicate yourself to small healthy habits that can expand your youth and longevity. 


Dress to reflect your mood today. These vibes are perfect for connecting with your bestie, because you really need some companionship from those who love you. Some attention is coming your way but don't be afraid to make a respectful first move if your latest crush has been a little shy when it comes to starting up a conversation. 


You'll be in the mood to mix things up at home today and you will be motivated to organize your space or cater to a loved one. Consider unplugging for a little bit today and indulge in solitude while showing yourself an abundance of love and compassion. 


You may want to keep a notepad on hand because you’re going to see that beautiful mind of yours light up with innovative ideas and moments of brilliance. An abundance of creativity will find you as the morning unfolds so it's a great time to brainstorm for the future.


You'll be in the mood to spend a little money today and don’t feel bad if you decide to pull the trigger on any purchases you've been contemplating. Use tonight as an excuse to eat, drink, and be happy by just indulging in your favorite foods and beverages. 


Use the energy that finds its way to you to ask for the things you want, as the universe and the people you encounter will find it difficult to say "no". Tap into your gratitude and express love to those you care for. 


You ebb and flow between introvert and extrovert, the hermit that lives within you is going to get a little uncomfortable. Use this energy as an excuse to unplug for the day, and be sure to indulge in all of your guilty pleasure this morning and you'll have an opportunity to release any romantic or emotional baggage that's been weighing you down.