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You’re definitely going to be in a sensitive mood this morning so don't be surprised if your heartstrings are pulled with ease right now, but try not to fall for any sob stories being spun by the sus people in your life. You should also be mindful of who you give your attention to, as you will probably become emotionally and energetically depleted more quickly than you're used to today. 


Your soul is going to crave community today so use this as an excuse to reach out to friends you haven't talked to in awhile. You'll also want to be mindful of who you surround yourself with, because your aura will be especially absorbent of the energy others give off. So if you’re surrounding yourself with some nasty energy… that energy is going to attach itself to you.


Your career path will seem wide open today and this is perfect for pushing your occupational agenda, as you'll have the best opportunity to make friends and charm your colleagues along the way. You will also feel more emotionally involved in your work, which could lead you to look for other opportunities if you're not happy with the position you currently have. 


Your philosophical side will start to spin today and this will encourage you to tap into your gratitude so that you can admire and appreciate the beauty that exists within our universe. Your heart will be open to love in all of its forms, but try not to be overly generous with your compassionate nature if you begin to feel impatient.


You'll be in a unique position to assert your authority without rubbing others the wrong way, so this will encourage you to tap into your personal power, and making sure the people around you are happy will seem equally as important. You may also want to lean into the support of your family and friends, especially if you're on the verge of a major transition. 


Love will be in the air around you today so don't be afraid to share what's in your heart to the people you care about, as you're going to need the support in the next few weeks. These vibes are perfect for breaking down boundaries with anyone you're romantically involved with, but you'll want to take a light approach to connecting with that special someone.


Your efficiency will have no bounds today and these vibes are perfect for tackling your to-do list. Don't feel like you have to do everything yourself because your friends and family will be more than willing to help you out… especially today. 


Your imagination will take you for a ride today so it could cause you to daydream, doodle at work, or do anything along the artistic side of you.. Grounding yourself will play an important role in maintaining efficiency, so be sure to spend a few hours finding your center.


Your heart will feel like an infinite force today. A desire to nurture and love will have you catering to the emotional needs of others, which will bring you a sense of satisfaction with every chin you lift. Your home will also feel particularly inviting, which means tonight… halloween movies should be on repeat


You'll be in a thoughtful and creative mood today and it’s going to bring your mind to new places, so don't be afraid to explore your creative side. Connecting and communicating with others will also feel more organic, making it a great time to catch up with colleagues, friends, and family.


Don't be surprised if the world seems like a more peaceful and beautiful place today because today is perfect for reconnecting with your gratitude. With this, it is important that you acknowledge and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. 


The moon enters your sign today and these vibes are perfect for prioritizing your needs, even if you tend to put others first. Don't feel guilty about listening to your heart and following its whims, because you'll feel comforted and supported by the universe today, making it a great time so ask for help with your manifestation agenda.