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You may feel burnt out within your career this morning and even though your impatience has already hit a peak, try not to do anything hasty that could leave you drifting between jobs. Today is also a good day to reward yourself a bit, which can help bring you out of any funk you may have found yourself in earlier this morning.


Profound insights will come to you this morning, prompting messages of encouragement and guidance from beyond. Try to get a meditation session in before starting the day to connect with your goals and the other side. 


Your success could provoke jealousy within others this morning and you'll sense when someone is talking behind your back but try not to validate these haters with your attention, and don't take the bait if someone tries to provoke you. 


Your workweek could get off to a rocky start this morning and it is going to threaten to leave you feeling unmotivated and in need of rest, especially if you didn't recharge over the weekend. These vibes are also perfect for sorting through your heart, as the stars help you see your situation through new eyes. 


You may feel weighed down by your to-do list this morning and will pull you in multiple directions, setting off your imagination while still reminding you of your existing responsibilities. You'll find your resilience later in the afternoon which will bring a grounded determination to your psyche. 


You won't be in the mood to dial down your thoughts or feelings this morning, so there's also a risk that being overly extroverted could cause you to butt heads with others. Luckily, your vibe will even out later which will elevate your aura, mood, and sense of optimism. 


A lack of restorative sleep could have you in a mood this morning but even though your nerves may be high, try not to lash out at your loved ones, especially if you live with them. 


Your words could cut deep this morning if you're not careful and you should avoid dishing out unsolicited advice or criticisms, because you will find yourself caught up in a serious conflict


Try not to measure others against yourself this morning because you may find yourself in a more judgmental headspace than usual, and critiquing others will only conjure insecurities within yourself. You’ll tap into your personal power later today while moving past any funky vibes that may have been present earlier in the day.


You may have trouble maintaining your composure this morning, and this could result in a short fuse, making it important that you avoid topics or people that tend to trigger you. Luckily, the energy will feel more playful and relaxed which will elevate your confidence while inspiring you to have a bit of fun. 


It'll be important that you cut off negative thought patterns as quickly as they manifest this morning and this could cause you to head down a dark road unless you strive to maintain optimism. 


Try not to let your social media following affect your sense of self-worth this morning because this could also generate anxiety if you post something hastily, making it a good time to take a break from your online feed.