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The world around you will sparkle  with a surreal and grounding beauty this morning and these vibes are perfect for moving at your own pace. Your social side and natural curiosity throughout the next two and a half days are going to be really high so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. 


You’re going to see a spike in your popularity in the next few days so start thinking of the viral video you are going to post! Your social side is also going to be very active so today is a great day for happy hour with your besties. 


You'll have an opportunity to overcome career-related stress and fears this morning and obstacles that once blocked your path may suddenly just disappear so it's a great time to plot your next big move. Some doors are going to open for you so be ready for some meaningful and deep conversations


Soulmate energy will flow through you today and these vibes will deepen the connections that are most important to you, especially if you take a moment to express love and appreciation to the people closest to you. 


Today’s vibes are perfect for sharing your vision with colleagues, as others are going to be in the mood to work with and support your plans. The sudden urge to empty your desk of old papers and clutter could force you into cleaning mode later in the afternoon too which will be perfect for the fresh new space that you need. 


You should awaken with a sense of peace and harmony in your heart this morning and these vibes will be particularly beneficial to your love life, so be sure to give some extra attention to both yourself and that special someone. 


You'll feel confident in your ability to embrace change this morning so this will take the pressure off when it comes to evolving on your path, giving you a chance to seamlessly make progress. A rewarding yet intense energy will fill your heart so don't be afraid to show your vulnerable side


You should feel especially loved and supported within your closest friends this morning so today, allow yourself to fly high on a cloud of love, and be sure to lean into the people that lift you up the most. 


You'll have an opportunity to process and make sense of what's in your heart today and the dreamy vibes at play will act as an avenue for healing, so try not to hide from your emotions. Don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, even if doing that causes people to think you’re stubborn. 


You'll be in a curious and playful mood this morning, so today is the best day to do something fun and artistic! Go to the pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin and get to carving! 


It's okay if you want to embrace a few luxuries or guilty pleasures this morning. Some retail therapy is definitely needed so go ahead and treat yourself. Completely guilt free!


You'll have the power to captivate audiences today and you may also find common ground in unexpected places, so don't be afraid to share your thoughts and opinions.