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Your closest relationships could feel a bit draining this morning and this will be especially problematic if you haven't been taking enough time out for yourself and your self-care, but remember to try not to let your attitude get the better of you.


The coziness of your bed could make it reallyyyyy hard to wake up this morning. These vibes will more than likely threaten your motivation at work, making it important that you find ways to stay on task through organizational tactics and maybe even a bribe or two. 


Try not to succumb to any insecurities that creep up on you this morning because this could cause you to temporarily lose appreciation for all of the attributes that make you the person you are, making it important that you look for ways to build yourself up. 


Today will feel like a bit of a whirlwind so you'll need to prioritize self-care by listening to your gut in order to understand what you need. Watch out for mood swings and relationship drama, and try to keep a level head if you find yourself in an argument with that special someone. 


Your nerves could feel a little frayed today so this will magnify your thoughts and interactions, making it important that you take care to protect your heart and mind. 


Take your emotional and mental temperature before interacting with the news this morning because this may cause you to temporarily lose hope in society if you aren't mindful to look for beauty, and you should avoid getting caught up in political, social, or environmental conversations. 


The vibe will get a little rocky today and this could magnify situations in which you don't have control, threatening to trigger mood swings and a general sense of frustration. 


The stars will shine bright on you today so it is so important that you find ways to appreciate the small things. Luckily, a sweet aspect between the sun and Mars will help you hold on to a sense of empowerment as long as you find ways to believe in yourself at a core level. The vibe will shift when Luna enters Leo this evening, putting you in a serious headspace. 


Try to approach the day from a compassionate and nurturing disposition and try your best to empower others through positive reinforcement and it will allow you to feel more secure within yourself, but you should also be mindful to avoid anyone who has a history of bringing you down. 


You may feel as though you're bouncing between personal, professional, and romantic issues today and even though sudden change might find its way to you, it'll be important that you maintain a sense of balance, or you could wind up in a pool of drama. 


Try not to overanalyze yourself or the world around you today and this will weigh heavily on you, causing you to become more aware of the energy around you. You might see some similarities in your world but, try not to over-invest in understanding their meaning, because there just isn't one.


Your friends may feel a little high maintenance today and even though you're usually more than happy to comfort a friend when they're in need, diving into drama is unlikely to bring forth any sense of fulfillment and may in fact leave you emotionally and mentally drained.