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Some disharmony within your romantic and professional lives is headed your way. Some insecurities also might come your way, especially if you begin to question your leadership abilities. 


Brace yourself for some rocky vibes today and you definitely might find some flaws in your lifestyle, especially if you're prone to dreaming big without implementing a plan on how to reach the goals you are working towards. 


You may not vibe well with everyone you encounter today and this could lead to power struggles or conflict, as jealousy and insecurities are likely to be triggered within others. Try not to feed into any petty drama or competition that finds you, especially when it comes to your social circle.


Your emotions may feel a little raw today and this could make it difficult to let go of any grief that's been haunting you lately. Luckily, some opportunities to find beauty and tap into your gratitude will also present themselves 


Disorganization could throw a wrench in your plans today and this might leave you scattered or anxious, especially if you're going through a particularly stressful time. Staying hydrated and monitoring your caffeine intake can help you push through. 


Getting in gear could be difficult today and this might cause you to move more slowly than usual, especially if you're not feeling confident in the tasks that are coming up.



You won't be able to run from your deepest or darkest emotions today and this is going to hit you right in the feels, but try not to lash out at others if you're feeling blue. Give yourself permission to throw yourself a pity party if needed, directing your focus and energy toward self-care and laying low at home. 


You'll be in your head today and it is going to have a really big impact on you, which could make it difficult to control where your focus is directed. Rather than fighting any unpleasant or random notions that manifest in your mind, allow them to flow through you with the intention of letting go. 


Try not to spend too much time on the internet today because it could cause you to disconnect from reality, especially if you over-invest in the digital realms. You may also want to lay low from posting on your social media accounts, as low engagement could cause you to become anxious or insecure. 


You'll be in a serious and potentially moody place today and this could leave you feeling impatient and as though your responsibilities are too vast, but asking for help will allow you to overcome these weird vibes. 


Today, you are going to need to face your shadow so that you can evolve past any behaviors that have been holding you back. Luckily, a graceful energy will allow you to approach this mission from a harmonious place later tonight.


Mounting responsibilities at work could interfere with your sense of balance today but you'll be focused on building a successful career, try not to neglect your closest relationships or self-care routines.