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You’re going to feel some intense vibes this morning that are going to push you toward transformation whether you like it or not. These vibes come with a destructive energy though so be aware of that because it could push certain people or situations out of your life without much notice. 


You are going to be an energizer bunny this morning! Be ready for an exhausting day, especially if you've been neglecting your self-care routines. Major changes within your love life are on its way but it might take sixish months to fully unfold. 


You may have felt restless or had a hard time sleeping last night so stress might be at an all time high for you today. Pay close attention to what or who brings the most drama to your life and look for ways to remove it from your life. 


You may feel as though you're at the center of it all today and of course this can bring a sense of empowerment your way, but there's still a risk that your ego might get a bruise or two along the way. 


Be extra present around the house today because there is a lot of energy flying around your space, so it's best to just chill out at home today. If you live with anyone… stay clear of your roommates… especially if they have a little bit more of an attitude than usual. 


Your words will come through more intensely than you may have thought today. Be smart with what you put into the universe because you aren’t even aware of how powerful your words are.



Grounding will be the key to surviving today's rambunctious activities that go on in your world. Be ready to go on a wild ride, but if you move slowly and find your center, you’ll come out just fine.


You are going to feel elevated and empowered, but issues may arise if you misuse your position. Avoid malicious or obsessive thought patterns, especially if they involve other people. 


Emotions you've been shoving below the surface could boil over today and it won't be an easy one to navigate, and you may feel as if your mood is inconsistent. Ranging from elated or downright exhausted. Give yourself permission to take a break. 


Look for ways to evolve your image and public presence today. These vibes can help you tap into your personal power and make a name for yourself, but you'll need to be strategic in any moves you make. 


Don't make any impulsive moves when it comes to your professional life today. These vibes can work for or against you, depending on how calculated your moves are so definitely take some time today to think about that. 


Get ready for intense moments of enlightenment, elevated psychic abilities, and signs from the universe today. Make the most of these powerful and transformative vibes by dedicating a portion of your day to meditation, magic, or prayer, as the other side is going to be eager to assist and guide you.