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Unexpected expenses might manifest for you this morning so it is really important that you are being cautious when it comes to your bank account. These vibes could also reveal sketchy behaviors of the people around you, helping you make smart decisions about who you invest in both financially and emotionally.


Shock waves are going to be sent through your professional and romantic lives today so you may feel as though you're being torn between pursuing love and success. It’s important to find ways to balance these aspects of your life or you will really struggle. 


Getting swept up in fantasy could cause you to lose touch with reality today and this threatens to leave you viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, causing you to ignore red flags that shouldn't be overlooked. 


You may detect a strange nuance of envy or competition coming from your social sphere today and this could trigger jealousy amongst your friends, but you should avoid feeding into snarky or toxic behaviors. Rather than giving your attention to haters who are unhappy in their own circumstances, just be unapologetically yourself.


You may feel a bit overworked and spread thin this morning. Difficulty saying "no" or setting boundaries will leave you with little fuel left in the tank, making it important that you tune into your own needs throughout the day. 


You'll need to seek a balance between being realistic and optimistic today. This could cause negative thinking that will hold you back, so it's so important that you dare to dream within reason.



It would be a mistake to equate money with power today and even though monetary resources can certainly make life easier, you would do well to remember that happiness and peace should come first. 


Your emotions could throw you off guard today and grief or triggers you thought you'd gained control of may suddenly cause you grief, especially if you haven't been listening to what your heart needs. 


It would be wise to admit what you don't know today and it may slightly bruise your ego to admit where you're ill-informed, but doing this will give you an opportunity to learn while gaining the respect of those who can teach you. 


Try to put a pause on your social media consumption this morning because it could cause you to measure your own life against those that appear on your feeds. Find more productive activities to focus on and don’t get too caught up in social media. 


Emotional upsets could bring forth unfortunate distractions within your professional life and these vibes could make it difficult to separate your personal and business personas, especially if you're caught up in family drama or disharmony at home.


It would be a mistake to run away with your intuition today because your predictions on the next few weeks may not be as clear-cut as you thought. You don’t want to overlook important elements of your situation so use this energy as an opportunity to find your center.