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Even though you're usually responsible and you try to keep the proper balance between your home and professional life… today your mind and heart are more focused on your home. Definitely spend some time with your family today and this weekend


Having a sense of community unites the people around you in aiming for a common goal, and this could be a new interest for you. Be ready for some calls and texts from family, close friends, or your life partner because they are going to need you on their side in the next few days. 


You may have been expecting some money over the last few days, and today it definitely might hit your bank account. All of those issues that popped up while you were trying to reach your goals… are going away so if you have a project you've been trying to finish, today is the day to do it.


This morning you are really going to be on your game because your thoughts are more focused than usual. If you have a get-together planned with friends or loved ones… don’t be upset if it gets canceled again. It’s just showing you signs that you shouldn’t be surrounding yourself with that person. 


Practical thoughts may be the result of unconscious impulses. Old traumas and phobias might creep into your mind but do not dwell on them too much or you'll reinforce them instead of getting rid of them. 


Gatherings in your neighborhood could bring new and interesting information your way. A conversation with a friend could send you down a new path toward a new goal. 



 Success in a project you've been working on could mean you want to go out and celebrate and you might feel guilty about doing it… BUT WHO CARES! DO IT! Order that glass of wine and forget about work for a little bit. 


A subject that you've been studying for a long time might suddenly start making sense to you or you could finally reach a point where you can make it work for you in a practical way. Your thinking now is especially clear, focused, down to Earth, and efficient, so whatever you try or start today is likely to lead to success. 


Past impressions that you may not even know you have… could enhance your ability to deal with practical matters today. If there are any situations that you are on the edge about… today is a great day to sit down and figure it out because you have a clear mind. 


Small social events and group activities are on the agenda for you today and you may be introduced to someone who can really help you take off in your career. Be ready for a text with some good news today as well. 


Glowing health and an enthusiastic attitude make almost anything a pleasure today. Conversations with your friends and family are going to be full of love and festivities. Your day is going to go as smoothly as you could expect. 


Information that comes your way today could launch you into a search for the truth. If there is a new business-related idea that you want to explore… go for it! Whichever it is, your mind is sharp, so you're going to finish the day a lot more knowledgeable than you were when it began.