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Stop trying to get to the end of that road so quickly because you aren’t going to enjoy all of the steps along the way! This is especially true when it comes to any sort of artistic project or romantic partnership that you might be involved in right now.


It would be impossible to try to make sense of why things need to be so extreme for you, but the fact of the matter is that you don't need to figure it out rationally. You only need to accept that this is how you feel about it today.


You’re like a giant trying to befriend a small bug right now. You have absolutely nothing in common and with one accidental move, you could easily destroy that little bug. So with all this being said… stop trying to force that relationship or friendship to work when it’s obvious that it’s not.


There is irony in today's situation. The only real remedy for situations like this is to accept them and joke about it and if you try to take yourself too seriously… especially when it comes to romance, you will inevitably fail. Bring yourself into balance by laughing instead of crying about what goes on in your world today.


The hungrier you get, the more determined you will become. But be careful that your determination doesn't turn into desperation and neediness. You have a lot more power than you think so put it to good use.


If you're on the look for romance, whether with a new partner or rekindling the fire with a current partner, be careful. Small issues could get really out of control today. 



Things may get a bit difficult in your romantic life because someone in the relationship isn't necessarily taking a very realistic approach to the situation. There's a bit of a power play going on and tension is brewing, so you'd be wise to deal with it now.


Your creative juices are flowing freely, but you might be going through a roadblock. Something or someone apparently doesn't want you to continue down the path you're on. So just remember who is running your show - it’s you and no one else.


At the end of the day, you're the one who has to look in the mirror and know who you are. Think about this the next time you're tempted to make a rude comment or start a rumor someone else. One side of you may be able to rationalize behavior that the other side simply despises. Today look at both sides of yourself, not just the one that pleases you.


When it comes to romance, your body is going to turn to jelly today. You may be so emotional that you can't function. If you don't have a romantic partner now you should be on the look out right now


Be careful with how you show your love today. If someone tells you yes to something… that doesn’t mean you're suddenly in charge of his or her life. Nor are you responsible for anything that person does or how they feel.


Powerful issues arise in your life that make it difficult to find peace. Your first tendency is to confide in your partner… but more than likely, this person is contributing to the difficulties you're now having. Your best bet is to spend some time alone.