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Stay close to home today. Spending too much time in the car could lead to stress or, in extreme cases, minor accidents. On the job, this could turn out to be one of those days. Avoid office politics and stay out of arguments. 


Money matters might take a turn for the worse today. Don't fly off the handle because of this. Use every bit of financial savvy you have to put things straight. Try to remain calm and collected when dealing with stubborn people and don't be drawn into arguments. 


Tension might run high among family members, and disagreements will be the end result. Don't waste time trying to mediate… they will have to work it out for themselves.


Short visits in your neighborhood could catapult you into some negative situations. It's best to stay close to home if you can. This isn't a day to socialize. Days like this are best spent keeping to yourself and throwing your energy into taking care of whatever you actually care about.


Today you might be a bit worried about your financial affairs, Leo. A past mistake could have led to some rather upsetting consequences. Now you need to harness every bit of skill you have in order to set things straight. Your knowledge of modern technology could help. A friend might try to pick a quarrel with you, but it's best to stay cool, neutral, and out of the discussion.


Your physical energy is very high today. You're likely to want to get out and exercise but be careful! You might not be as fit as you think and trying too hard could cause some injuries. 


Uncertainty about certain matters in your life and doubt about your insights might have you down in the dumps today. Don't try to force any solutions - it just won't work. This isn't a good day to be out and about, because travel of any kind might cause problems. 


If a friend or acquaintance gives you advice about money or investments today, don't take it. To follow this unknowledgeable person's lead is just going to be disastrous. Participation in group activities also isn't a good idea today because you could end up in the middle of an angry crowd. 


Gossip and bad feelings among co-workers or in a group could go down today, and there might be some political shenanigans that it would be in your best interests to avoid. This isn't a good day to go to lunch with co-workers… just go by yourself. 


Too much running around might have you feeling exhausted and under the weather today. You may have been exercising a little too much so this is a good day to avoid exercise and get some rest. Don't push yourself too hard! 


You could feel extremely passionate today and you might want to connect with a lover but there is something going on that’s making it not work out for you. Held in anger could come up from your subconscious and cause you to feel some type of way about being constantly rejected. This is a great day to channel that anger into some type of artistic activity!


Electrical or plumbing problems with your house might come up this week so just call a professional and don't try to fix it yourself, because you’re just going to make it worse. Friends might want to visit but tell them to may another day because discussions could quickly deteriorate into arguments today.