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For a month you may have had problems communicating with the people close to you. This isn’t anything to worry about, but you probably feel off balance because of it. This is a great day to settle conflicts from the last month or make your feelings clear to other people. 


You tend to live your life vicariously through your partner and today you might finally come to the realization that this isn't healthy for you. You give more of yourself than you get back, which is completely draining you of energy. Be selfish today. 


It's possible that the changes you've been going through lately aren't completely finished. You may even have a hard time keeping yourself from running away from it all. Your rebirth will only be complete after you clearly define what you want in life. 


You tend to hide your emotional needs from others but you need to be able to trust someone in order to share your feelings. Today you could save a lot of time in your love life if you just tell your partner what you want out of your relationship or even what you'd like to change about it. 


Today you may want to change some of the moral and social values that get in the way of relationships. After going through these kinds of obstacles yourself, and watching others struggle with them, you've decided that it's time to do away with them once and for all. Just remember to respect the private lives of the people close to you. 


The people around you sometimes have a hard time understanding where you're going. You sometimes live in an imaginary world that has little to do with reality. If you decide to stay home and lie around the house, you will have no problems. If you have to go to work, try to be as clear as possible with others. 


You may have doubts over the next few days. Don't make any important decisions about your future during this relatively unproductive period. If someone in your professional or personal life asks you to make more of a commitment, put on the brakes and really think about it before you commit. 


You're going through a period that's closely linked to your past. A failed relationship still haunts you and casts its shadow on the current one. Get rid of the skeletons in your closet!


It's very possible that you’ll want to take a step back today in order to take a closer look at your relationships. It's time to get rid of the superficial relationships and concentrate on those that really mean something to you.


If you feel you've been looking to the past lately, it's because you need to free yourself from it. You may feel like revisiting your childhood or rekindling certain relationships with old friends. But the planets are making you a bit too romantic, and the reality of things will disappoint you. Looking backward isn't the best way to move toward the future. 


Sometimes your relationships are like magnets. When you want to get close, the other person tries to get away from you. When you take a step back, he or she runs back into your life. Give yourself a break and think about who you want connected to you. 


You might be entering a period of doubt, especially about your love life. You like your relationships and feelings to be clear. The next two months will bring you the answers. Don't forget, no one is perfect.