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Recent aspects have allowed you to affirm yourself at work and, in a more general way, cement some aspects of your personality. Now you will be consolidating things and you’ll be respected so much more for it. 


You will carry confidence, clarity, and positive influence wherever you go today. You've used up a lot of your reserves recently and made it to this stage just in the nick of time. Enjoy your new strength.


Today would be a good day to get rid of everything that's still holding you back from being the person you want to be. One stumbling block for you may be the impulse that you seem to have to blend in with others. You're an individual and this isn't something to overcome. It should be celebrated!


You can expect a very profitable period coming up. You've worked hard lately, and it's only natural that you should finally arrive at this stage. You're going to be able to measure the distance you've come, and above all, evaluate your power. Whatever you do, think big!


Today's aspects are going to ask you to make more of an effort. You will have to come back down to Earth and join the rest of us. You may be cultivating your independence a bit too much. It pulls you away from who you really are… which is an extrovert.


You can interpret today's aspects in several ways. You are going to need to find some space today, whether physical or intellectual. And stop second guessing yourself… you are a pro, so act like one. 


In navigating the seas of your emotional life, you may feel as though you've made a lot of effort over the past month. You've been available and you have done your best to maintain harmony. With today's energy, try to be more spontaneous. 


Your emotional universe will once again glow with positive energy. You will be meeting more people, and your encounters are likely to be more profound. The upcoming weeks are promising for you.


This weekend might seem a little different for you. You will probably go out less, introduce yourself to fewer new people, and be less prone to show off. But any relationships you form will be much more intense than usual. 


You may have spent the past few weeks exploring new horizons, talking to new people, going out more frequently, or even making short trips away from home. But this is a moment to settle down. You need to stabilize yourself.


You're likely to enjoy today's change of tone. You should reestablish contact with some former friends, even though you might have some bonds to repair. In any case, you can expect another month devoted to sweeping the cobwebs out of your past in order to let in sunlight and promise.


Today, you can expect to be somewhat more enterprising in your relationships. You may find some new friends or even enjoy spending quality time with some old ones, if possible. You have an intensification of your love life to look forward to.