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It seems that you always have a lesson that you want to teach someone, making you prone to giving advice when it isn't always wanted. Try to accept other people's viewpoints for a change.


Your philosophy of life comes naturally. Others need to study, listen to experts, or other crazy things…. but you, on the other hand, already have a profound outlook on life that you have learned from your past experiences. Try to expand on your philosophy today and try to turn it into something concrete.


It isn't because your new projects demand such precision that they're causing you problems. You tend to think details keep you from seeing the bigger picture, but thats just not true. There's no conflict between the long-term view and short-term needs. Try thinking of the details that you find annoying as steppingstones to your big vision.


This is a good day to abandon old beliefs and moral values. Your view of life has changed and, above all, you're more aware of how your outdated, preconceived ideas sometimes poison your life. The past no longer concerns you. It's time for you to make a clean break from the beliefs that are holding you back.


If you aren't careful to keep your eyes straight ahead and focused on the future, the past is likely to catch up to you. Don't look back, even if you don't see anything in front of you. You have to continue to move forward.


This would be the day to say yes to your destiny. You might be a little frustrated because things haven't been moving forward the way you'd like. But now that opportunities are coming your way, you’ll see things are going just as planned.


Don't expect to meet the partner of your dreams today. Right now… your romantic hopes are likely to meet with frustration so it would be better to devote your energy to something more realistic.


There's some likelihood that a recent meeting with an influential person has put a damper on your hopes for your dreams. Don’t abandon them because you will just end up living with regret? Maintain your goals despite advice to the contrary and the risk of disapproval from your supervisors and make something happen for yourself.


You will have to expect a few disturbances in your very peaceful life this week. For example, your needs might not match those of your partner or close friends, or you may feel restless. In short, this won't be a good day to look to emotional harmony as a source of satisfaction.


As a person who embodies affection and tenderness, you may feel especially resentful about today's mood. It will be difficult to charm a smile out of anyone. Prepare to duck and cover because clashes are likely to occur all around you.


A longing for comfort and the small, simple pleasures in life is likely to cripple your initiative today. This would be a good day to stay home and rest because you definitely need it.


For the past several days, you've been fairly lucky in financial and material terms. But the day ahead will be an exception. If you're planning to make an investment, sign a contract, or purchase a major item, put it off for another day.