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Dropping a bag over the past week or two may have you feeling less confident about your money situation today. If you've lent some money to a friend and you doubt their ability to repay… or if you fell for a sales pitch that you now regret... just try your best to correct the situation if you can. If you can't, take it as an expensive lesson learned.


Your ambition and will to succeed is probably going to be at war with your feelings today. If you've been working so hard that you aren't paying enough attention to friends and family - know that they miss you. It’s time to show up for the people you love and stop pushing them away.


Today, you might uncharacteristically decide to lock yourself away from the world. If you're tired or feeling a bit under the weather… just kick back and do something that helps you decompress. Everyone needs a little solitude from time to time. The only issue with this is that if you stay too secluded, you’re going to ice yourself out. 


An issue over money could interfere with a friendship today. Don't let yourself get drawn into heated conversations or accusations. Work something out with your friend if possible. Money isn't worth throwing away a friendship and leaving a gap in your life.


You should find that you have an extra amount of creative energy today, and you should do what you can to make this force work for you. There's a time and place for everything, and now is the time to work together with your higher self to channel some of the artist within. Don't let your self-doubt keep you from being great.


You might be itching for a vacation today. Start thinking about where you would want to go in the future. Don't just toy with the idea. You're probably overdue for a trip that will help you take a break from the real world for a little bit.


Someone you've known for a long time may move away or otherwise vanish from your life. You'll probably stay in touch by phone or email, but it will never be the same, at least not for a long time. You will feel better if you meet some new people and put yourself out there.



There might be some tension between you and your romantic partner that might have you feeling a little bit down. The key to patching this up is honest communication. Remember that being honest doesn't necessarily mean being brutal. Tell your partner how you feel, but don't cast blame for anything. 



Today you might be feeling a little down, so you aren't likely to be feeling very sociable. You're more likely to want to bury your nose in your work instead of being your usual outgoing self. It's okay to have days like this… just don’t let it stick around for long!



An electrifying attraction to someone you may have just met could cause your mind to think about some action and romance today. If you can, set up a date with your boo… they would really appreciate it!


Family members could be upset over different frustrating events in their lives, and these moods could spill over to you. Today it would be best to leave them alone to work things out in their own way. Take this opportunity to tend to some of your concerns that you may have put off. 



Unguarded words on the part of a younger person might lead to an uproar. If the words are directed at you, don't take them seriously. They don't know any better. If the words are directed at someone else, don't be tempted to lash out at them… they are probably just battling some things in their own head