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Today you might get the feeling that someone in your family is hiding something from you. The atmosphere might be strained and somewhat tense and your natural instinct is to try and do everything to get things back to normal… but this isn't likely to be the right course of action here. Let things ride out. 


Gossip you hear today might make you angry and you're smart enough to know that it isn't true. Take nothing at face value today. Check the facts before making any judgments. When people are in their feelings, they tend to say things they don't mean. Avoid the temptation to be confrontational because it will only make things worse. 


There is more than meets the eye to a money situation today. There could be errors in your financial records, or someone may not be telling the truth about an important item. You're a caring, trusting person, but this isn't the day to blindly accept anyone's statements. Check the facts and see for yourself, then act accordingly in order to see to your own best interests.


You probably aren't going to feel very friendly today. You're most likely going to want to isolate yourself at home and not see or speak to anyone. If your need for solitude is that strong, indulge in it. You won't do yourself any good by forcing contact with others. 


Self-control is the word for today. Others' unethical behavior could trigger some long-buried anger that might make you want to lash out at those responsible. This won't solve anything. The best way to handle these rather explosive emotions is honest communication, but today it could deteriorate into arguments. Try counting to ten before confronting anyone. 


Anger and resentment caused by past hurts could come up today. You might find yourself busting out in tears. Don't fight it. Just find someplace where you can be alone and let it out. This is only a symptom of personal and spiritual growth on your part. Releasing the past clears the way for breakthroughs in the future.


Someone you think of as a friend may prove less than trustworthy today. There are indications of deception all around you. Someone is keeping something from you or telling outright lies. Don't be too suspicious of anyone but check the facts of a situation before you take someone's word for anything. 


Something sneaky is going on in your circle. Unethical people could be trying to manipulate certain situations in order to turn them to their own benefit so be careful today! People are not always what they seem and they are definitely out to get you today.


If you've been thinking about executing legal papers of any kind, this isn't the day to do it. Any contract entered into today is likely to have confusing clauses and confusing language that you may not understand and that potentially could be used against you. 


Money matters look uncertain and a bit deceptive. This isn't a good day to enter into any kind of investment program, negotiate salaries or commissions, or change banks. Write down any weird things that go down during the day… it’s probably the universe giving you signs.


New people are going to come into your life today. If you get bad vibes from one of them, trust your instincts! You will meet at least one new acquaintance who isn't trustworthy going into the new year so this isn't a good day to enter into any kind of partnership, nor is it a good day to get married or even propose marriage. Put all plans for cementing partnerships on hold for a few days!


You might wake up feeling a little under the weather, and you’re probably too tired to go anywhere, and you’re definitely going to want to stay in. This is the best course of action for today. You are tired and stressed out, and more vulnerable than usual to any bugs that may be going around at this time. Drink lots of fluids and get some rest. Tomorrow you’re going to feel much better.