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Your mind will be busy during the day, and you should try to keep a firm grasp on your words. You’re going to want to speak without thinking, especially if you begin to feel cornered or defensive. Mistakes from the past could also come back to haunt you, and you might be tempted to revisit ancient history in the name of closure. Resist the urge to move backward right now



Keep your eyes peeled for signs and similarities today because it is going to streamline your communications with the other side. Vocalizing your dreams can also amplify your manifestation game. You’re also set up to unlock some serious magic in your love life, so be sure to open your heart to companionship whenever the vibe feels right..


Strength, allure and popularity are coming your way. You’re going to need to acknowledge what your heart desires most. It would be easy to confuse lust with love right now, so try not to get ahead of yourself when it comes to new relationships. 



You’re considered to be one of the most nurturing members of the zodiac, which means the holiday season can be a busy and somewhat overwhelming time for you. You’re probably going to be working overtime to make sure everything is in order for the festivities that lie ahead, but you’ll need to be mindful of implementing healthy stress management techniques. 


You’ll be full of surprises today, which is going to spark your desire for action and adventure. These vibes will push you to explore new horizons, especially when it comes to spending time with loved ones or nurturing a creative skill. Exposing yourself to fresh ideas and experiences will elevate your ego and sense of strength, shaping you into a more confident and well-rounded version of your already amazing self.



Consider getting a little crafty today. Making gifts for family and friends can help you temporarily zone out from any stress that’s taking up space in your professional life while also filling your heart with a sense of gratitude and love. Expressing yourself though kind gestures or thoughtful presents reminds you of the good in this world and helps strengthen your most important bonds.


Your vibrant imagination will carry you through much of the month. You’re going to be on your game today and it is going to help you make headway with your goals as long as you’re willing to use your voice. This would also be an ideal time to build on your existing knowledge, because your mind craves the experience of learning. Just be careful about the people you confide in or share ideas with right now, because many won’t be in the mood to guard someone else’s secrets.



With the holiday spirit in full swing, you’ll need to keep tabs on your spending. The holidays unleash your generous nature and cause you to go overboard when shopping for holiday gifts. If you plan on participating in festivities with your family and friends, you might want to consider implementing a collective shopping list and budget to ensure that everyone contributes equally to such gatherings. 


Roads will open for you today. You are going to feel as though you’re on top of the world, but issues could arise if you lose touch with your sense of balance. A fierce ambition and desire to make strides with your goals could cause you to neglect self-care routines, which will be more important than ever these next couple of days.



You’ll feel inspired to help others today. Work with this energy by lending an extra hand around your home and office, especially if you find the people around you have become overwhelmed by seasonal responsibilities and festivities. Make sure you give your body some extra TLC, so be sure to prioritize your health by stretching, drinking plenty of water and eating nutritious meals.


Get ready for a busy month. Your social life is going to skyrocket as the holiday season continues to unfold… though you shouldn’t pressure yourself to accept every invitation sent your way. You’ll become more introverted later in the day, putting you in a quiet and reflective headspace. 



You're going to see that your focus is redirected toward stability. These vibes are going to have you maintain what you’ve grown up to until this point while still planting seeds for the future. Opportunities to improve your financial situation are going to manifest in mysterious ways.