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LAST CHRISTMAS/ WHAM: Aries are proud people, and when someone breaks their heart, that person has a 0% chance of winning their Aries ex back. Sorry, not sorry.


MISTLETOE/ JUSTIN BEIBER: Taureans are major homebodies, so these sensual folks would much rather spend a night cuddling up (and getting it on) with their boo than hitting the town.


ALL I WANT/ LIAM PAYNE: Few people are as indecisive as Geminis, so if there's anyone who's going to continually break up and make up with an ex, it's a Gem. At least it keeps things exciting for them!


CHRISTMAS TREE FARM/ TAYLOR SWIFT: Cancers are major softies, and there's nothing they love more than reflecting back on good memories (as well as making new ones) with a safe, stable partner.


SANTA BABY/ EARTHA KITT: Leos love to be spoiled and pampered, and lions aren't afraid to ask their SO to treat them like royalty (because, you know, they are royalty). However, when you treat a Leo right, they'll show you just as much affection in return.



SANTA TELL ME/ ARIANA GRANDE: Virgos tend to commit themselves fully to people they love, so when their relationships don't work out, it's extra devastating. Luckily, Virgos rarely make the same mistake twice.


LIKE IT’S CHRISTMAS/ JONAS BROTHERS: Libras are romantic idealists, and though they do like fancy gifts, the best present for them is having their special someone by their side. All they want is to love and be loved in return, y'all — is that so much to ask?


ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU/ MARIAH CAREY: Scorpios are totally intense, so when they want someone, they're likely to pursue that person with single-minded determination. You gotta admire their tenacity.


WHAT CHRISTMAS MEANS TO ME/ JOHN LEGEND: Sagittarians may lose their interest in people quickly, but when a Sag first falls for someone, that romance tends to be wildly fun and exciting. And even if it doesn't last, Sags always wishes their exes well, because they don't believe in harboring resentment.


MAKE IT TO CHRISTMAS/ ALESSA CARA: Capricorns are practical planners, and when they find a partner who's compatible, they usually intend to keep that person around forever. Of course, things don't always work out that way, but a Cap will still attempt to make a dying relationship work, if only for the sake of their 10-year plan.


COZY LITTLE CHRISTMAS/ KATY PERRY: Aquarians are some of the most chill individuals around, so a relationship with an Aquarius tends to be laid-back, low-maintenance, and just a little bit eccentric. Bring on the whiskey and slow-dancing.


MY ONLY WISH/ BRITNEY SPEARS: Like Libras, Pisceans are the ultimate romantics, and they can easily get swept up in their own fantasies. For them, "true love" isn't just a concept — it's an expectation.