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Be ready for a lot of personal growth and changes within your relationships this year. Now’s the time to start thinking about personal life goals and the people you want (or don’t want) in your life. Be sure to talk about how you’re feeling this year and don’t bottle it all up.


You may have felt like a whole new person at the end of the year and that is probably because this year will be the year of self-care for you—maintaining better work-life balance, exercising more, and maybe not procrastinating as much. Remember to over-communicate and let others know how you feel this year so there's no hard feelings. 


This year is your year of creativity, friends, romance, and fun. But along with spending time with friends or dates, you’ll definitely be focused on your career, too. It’s a good time for you to focus on your career goals because anything you do during this time has the potential to last for a long time so don’t slack off now! 


This year is going to bring changes to your career and home. You may get a new job in a different city and have to suddenly move, or you could end up buying a home but also switching to an entirely new industry is also a possibility, so think about your job now and figure out what you like and don’t like about it. Keep an open mind to new ideas this year. 


Your horizons will be broadened this year. If there are any countries you’ve never been to but are just dying to visit… now is the time to book your trip. Try not to go too crazy buying plane tickets, though, because you might end up dealing with money issues You can expect some success in your career this new year so be ready for some changes! 



This is the year you finally make a budget for yourself—and actually stick to it. You can expect to become more disciplined in how you spend your money and change your opinion of what’s worth spending on (like wardrobe basics and not trendy items). Make sure your passport is ready this new year because you could also get the chance to travel with your job or friends.


This year is bringing changes to yourself and your relationships. Don’t be afraid to cut out people who don’t fit your current lifestyle, and try to lean into your interests. If you feel driven to add more structure to your life by getting regular exercise or cooking for yourself more… definitely dive into that. 


You’ll be focused on starting and maintaining healthy habits this year. Along with getting into a routine, you can expect luck with dating too if you’re not already taken! Definitely make an effort to lean into your creative side this new year!


You’re pretty extroverted as it is, but you’ll have even more going on with your social life than usual this year. Join a club or take a class in a subject you’re interested in— and you could make some new friends or find a community of people like you. You may also experience changes within your current friend group… but that’s not a bad thing. Some friendships don’t last forever. 


You can expect changes in your home and work life. You could get a promotion or be offered a position you’ve been working toward for a long time. Luck will be on your side when it comes to your love life, so be open to people who ask you out—you could meet someone you really like. Take up a new hobby or just spend extra time with your friends (and don’t think about work) this year. 


Communication and travel are going to be big themes for you this year. Be prepared to take on writing and speaking roles at work or to pack your bags on a moment’s notice. You’ll also be working on skills that will help your career moving forward, or you might start planning how to open your own business. You’ll be getting into better spending and saving habits, too, so you’ll have money saved up for the future. Start thinking about things you actually need to buy vs. things you just like (you probably don’t need that fifth pair of sneakers). 


You’ll be more focused on money than you typically are this year. Download a budgeting app or make a spreadsheet to keep track of your expenses and help you get better at saving. This is also the time to set personal boundaries with others so you don’t get burned out. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to flex your communication skills this year, too.