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Payton's Predictions


Things are moving your way today and as the day progresses, you will find that the energy is going to intensify. You might come across some issues later in the day, but don't worry about it too much. Just see it as a wake up call.



You should enjoy the intense vibes of the day. The mud is finally beginning to clear up so take this opportunity to expose the truth in every issue but get ready for some retaliation. Connect with nature today and spend some time with animals if you can because people are not going to be your cup of tea today. 


Today marks the beginning of a new cycle for you. Put together your ideas and really focus on them. The time is right for you to act on things. Also here’s your reminder to drink plenty of water to keep your mind clear.



Take a cold shower to jump-start yourself today. It's fine if you chill out this morning but don’t let it take over your day to the point where you are unproductive.. You will be called into action whether you want to be or not. 


Today might start out slow for you, Leos, but by the end of the day your energy will move fast and furious. Your thoughts will be buzzing around your head like bees around a hive. Break out your journal and write down how you’re feeling today.


Enjoy your calm morning, because things are going to get crazier and more energetic as the day goes on. Emotions will run high, and people will be more opinionated than usual. A conflict is definitely in your horizon today so do everything you can to distance yourself from that.


You will experience an intense amount of energy today. Your dream state will be more active than usual, and you will find that people are drawn to you. Make sure you keep your fiery emotions in balance and don't cross any boundaries with others. People have limits, and it's important that you honor theirs as well as your own.



It's time to get up and get moving. You have great ideas and vision for the future… You have all the information you need. Now all you have to do is act on it! Getting out of your box and further into the world at large will do you so much good. Get a greater perspective on things and enjoy time in a new environment.


The early part of the day might find you complacent and indecisive, but later you should be psyched up and just ready to go. Today marks the beginning of a new period in which you should set your ideas in motion. Action is the key. Think before you speak and use caution when talking about other people.



Today's energies will get progressively more intense as the day goes on. In the morning, you may be in an easygoing state, but you will be itching to take action by the end of the day. Take what you've learned from your sensitive, meditative state and share it with others. Use your inner calm to bring stability to stressful situations.


For the past several weeks you've felt like you've been dragging your heels. Decisions may have been hard to make and people may have seemed wishy-washy. There's a major energy shift tonight that will spark things back into action.



The morning might find you sitting like a stick in the mud. People might be getting down on you for not contributing, but tell them to be patient. Be on the lookout for a challenge. Someone is going to ruffle your feathers a little bit too much so take your own advice and be patient and don't take it personally.