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Two different sides are going to try and pull you into different directions today, and neither one is going to make a strong case. Realize that adjustments may have to be made for you to fit in with the scheme of things and fulfill your duties and responsibilities. A close loved one may distract you in subtle ways, so try not to get sidetracked if you can help it.



Realize that to conquer new ground you may have to make some sacrifices. Things may not always go according to your perfect vision, but that's the natural way of things. Life should be simple and free flowing so try and make that a goal for today


There's a great deal of air to fuel your fire today. Conversations will light up as soon as you walk through the door. Use this fuel to keep things burning red hot within you and bring your dreams to the surface and turn them into realities by joining forces with others.


Even though you might want to bring things down a bit so you can better plan, organize, and rearrange, this is not the best course of action today. You're better off keeping things light and uplifting. Things will fall into place as you need them. Trust in others and realize that some of the best experiences you will have in life are spontaneous. 


Have some real conversations today. You aren't alone in your thoughts and strong opinions. Now is the time to be heard so work toward maintaining peace by exposing truth. 


It's time to come up for air, Virgos. Come out and take a deep breath and experience the lightness and rejuvenation of the energy present in the air around you. Do some yoga or go for a jog to open up your channels and get your circulation moving. 


Take a step back today and just take a moment to appreciate what is around you. Go shopping or treat yourself to a fancy dinner. The time is right to keep things open and social so have fun and focus on your relationships with others instead of your tendency to lead or dominate.


Things might be too elusive to actually grab hold of today so don't be too concerned with getting something and making it your own. See the beauty around you and hold it in your heart. Leave the flower unpicked so others who come after you can enjoy its beauty as well.


This is a good day for you. You should find that the puzzle pieces in your life are naturally coming together almost effortlessly. Important connections can be made today as long as you keep all the lines of communication open. 


There's a stronger connectedness to dreams and aspirations today, but you might need to adjust your thinking in order to link to it. Pick a path that includes a few steps on the sunny side of the street where you can see things in a positive light instead of focusing on the gloom in every situation. Communicate your thoughts and think about how you can promote peace in your inner circle.


There's a warm and friendly feeling to the day that you will find agreeable to your wild personality. Find strength and peace with the people around you and work to make solid connections with your friends. The people around you are your greatest resource, so treat them like it. 


Don't go where you aren't invited and don't take things that aren't offered today. Rules and manners are the cornerstones to healthy friendships and strong bonds. You will find that a good attitude and pleasant smile go a long way and before you know it, you will be invited everywhere and offered all the things you desire.