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An unexpected situation might interfere with your plans today and this isn't going to sit well with the people you’re planning on linking up with. It's going to be frustrating for you, too, but it's best if you just postpone your plans and take care of business.



Arrangements for a get-together you're planning to host could go south. This isn't going to stop your plans, but it's going to require more effort to get things back on track and make it happen. This is going to be incredibly irritating for you, but don't waste time complaining about it… Just get busy and take care of business.


Your usual abundant energy is going to experience a sudden setback today. Work pressure could create stress that leaves you feeling exhausted and completely out of sorts. It's going to drive you crazy to not feel as active as you usually are so take the time to relax and spend the day resting.


You’re going to want to use retail therapy today as your way to get through the day. This is all right - up to a point, but do your best to not to buy more than you can use. You've worked hard and deserve to treat yourself a little bit.


Unexpected visitors might throw you off today. You might find yourself in a panic on what to wear or what to say. Don't make yourself crazy, Leo. Follow your heart and go with the flow. Spontaneity is the best policy.


Some rather disconcerting information may come to light today. This could throw you off, but it isn't anything that you expected. But this isn't necessarily bad news. Honestly… it might even be great news, but it may be something you never expected in a million years. Work through the shock and try to view it from all sides.


Even though everything is going well for you right now, a sudden upset of some kind, probably involving money, could throw you into a momentary panic. You might wonder if your good fortune is going to end as quickly as it began. This probably isn't the case and the situation is probably temporary though so don’t stress too much. 


Upsets regarding your career or the activities that take up most of your time are likely to negatively affect your self-confidence. Don't fall into this trap. The forces are beyond your control and the situation doesn't reflect any shortcomings on your part. You might have to put in some effort to straighten things out and return to normal.


New scientific or archaeological discoveries could temporarily shake your faith in your spiritual path. You might find yourself suddenly doubting something you've always accepted. Write down your ideas so you can put things in proper perspective.


You might not be able to accomplish what you'd hoped today. Some minor but irritating conflicts could occur within your group. You’re going to be called on to use your intuition and sensitivity to spread oil on troubled waters. Be direct, fair, and clear, and try not to let your irritation show.


A temporary upset with a partner might distract you so you can't function as effectively as you normally do. Don't let your anger get the best of you. The situation is probably due to a lack of communication, and can be cleared up with explanations, understanding, and an agreement as to how similar situations should be handled. 


Unexpected responsibilities could interfere with plans to take a trip of some sort. Someone might need your help, and you’re going to have to put your own plans on hold for a little bit. Take care of whatever you need to do and then move forward with your plans… even if it is incredibly annoying