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Doubts about business and financial matters might weigh pretty heavy on your mind today. It honestly may have kept you up in your dreams last night. Your situation is probably better than it seems on the surface is just that lack of information clouds the issue. Check the facts and judge them for yourself before making yourself crazy.



A scheduling conflict may come up today and a business engagement could interfere with a social event. You might doubt whether you can attend both, but if you plan carefully, you should be good. No need to stress yourself out over the little things today.


Confusing communications could be the pattern for today. You definitely need to try to squeeze in some time for organization because that important piece of paper you lost last week.. You’re probs going to need it today. 


Today you could doubt the amount of money you’re going to get from a business transaction. If you can, verify this before starting anything. Someone around you is not being honest and you aren't being told the whole truth. 


Business transactions that could take place in your home or even involve your home are going to seem a bit unclear today. Before agreeing to anything, read the fine print and verify all the facts about what you're signing up for. Use your intuition today.


You might get a lot of mixed messages from friends, relatives, and colleagues today. They might say one thing when you feel that that they mean something else. Insist on hearing how they really feel. This can prevent a lot of resentment later. 


Today you might not feel secure about a lot of things in your life right now. Disconcerting information in the news about the general state of the world might have planted some unsettling seeds in your mind. Take some time today to really regroup and get your head cleared. 


Some unsettling news about your work situation might reach you today and make you worried. You might question your future in this field and possibly consider a change. Consider it, by all means, but this isn't the day to make a final decision of any kind. Wait until you're in a more secure frame of mind. 


You're a logical person. When insights come to you from other people, you tend to doubt their validity. Don't do this. If a feeling is particularly strong, go with it. Don't write it off because it seems illogical. 


Doubts about a friend's motives can get you down today. This person seems to be acting weird and is refusing to communicate with you. There are others who are in a better space whose company you will enjoy. 


A friend or family member is acting strange and seems distracted. You may wonder if they are upset with you…. but this probably isn't the case. Give them their space and try your best to not be overbearing. 


You might have some trouble focusing on whatever work you have planned to do today, but this is only a temporary situation. You should be back to your normal self tomorrow. Stay home tonight, listen to music, and take it easy.