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Your ability to express yourself may be restricted today but this really isn’t a bad thing because today is a day that you might say things you will definitely regret later. Hold your tongue until tomorrow because today just isn’t a good day for conflict.



Anyone who tries to give you advice today is going to regret it because you are in no mood to be told what to do. Try not to overreact though. You don’t have to bite someone’s head off just because they point out a few different options.


There is a danger that you could fall out with someone in a position of authority today, so be careful what you say and do. Stick up for yourself but you also keep in mind that their position is more powerful than yours so treat lightly. 



Don’t try so hard to get ahead today, especially on the work front where your influence on colleagues may not be as effective as you would like it to be. You don’t have to prove you have what it takes – no one doubts you, except maybe yourself. Have some confidence today


You seem to have an unusual tendency to fear the worst at the moment – and this is odd for us Leos because it’s not like you to believe that you can’t win anything that comes your way. Don’t worry though. Your confidence will return in a rush when Mars moves in your favor tomorrow



You’re probably not happy with what is going on in your world but theres nothing you can really do about it. And honestly… that’s okay because the rest of the week is definitely going to fall in your favor and your fortunes are about to take a turn for the better.


You may be skeptical about some of the things you’ve been hearing lately but don’t reject them completely because there could be some credibility in the stories even if they have been exaggerated. Make it your mission today to get at the truth.



You must not commit to any kind of scheme that you have not checked out thoroughly for yourself. This is one of those times when it would be really smart to mistrust everyone you interact with. 



The most important thing today is that you resist the urge to jump to conclusions, both in your private life and in your career. Give loved ones and colleagues the benefit of doubt even if you suspect they are up to no good.



Don’t make any hard and fast plans for the next 24 hours. Just follow your nose and trust that whatever route you choose to take it will guide you to the goal that the universe has identified as being the best one for you.


Try not to attach too much importance to what your five senses tell you today because there is a very real chance they could lead you down the wrong path. This is one of those days when your hunches, which are usually reliable, can’t be trusted



Use your brain power as well as your physical strength over the next day. Whatever it is you are working on… there will be some kind of puzzle involved that can only be solved by using your mind. Fortunately, you are a very deep thinker so you’ll get your answers soon