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Put in some extra effort on the work front to win over colleagues, employers and others who can help you develop your plans and clear a path to success. Don’t keep your big ideas to yourself – the more people know about them the better. So speak your mind today and show where you are valuable.


If you make an effort to reach out to important people between now and the weekend you will change your world for the better. You can also make a big difference on a wider social level. Your actions will spread like ripples on a pond.


Good fortune is coming your way and you know it. But don’t just sit there and wait for it to arrive – get out into the world and make things happen for yourself. Today is our day to move the needle, so take advantage of that.


The more you have done for other people in recent weeks the more they will do for you over the next few days, and you have definitely been a help to a lot of people in your circle- even if you didn’t realize it. Enjoy the luxuries headed your way. 


You may be shocked by what you see and hear today but you should have seen it coming. Don’t be too judgmental though- You have made a few ill-considered choices yourself in the past, so accept others for who and what they are.


Anyone who tries to limit your actions must be told in no uncertain terms that you will not allow them to dictate what you can and cannot do. Only you have the right to decide where to go and who to work with on a daily basis. 


No matter how much friends and colleagues try to persuade you to change your methods and routines you must stick with what you know and trust. You have your own ways of doing things and if they work for you then nothing else matters.


You have been incredibly social lately and have met a lot of new and interesting people but chances are you have spent less time with old friends and family members who now feel a bit neglected. Make it up to them today.


You may be tempted to do something out of the ordinary, maybe even outrageous, to get yourself noticed but think carefully before you take the plunge. Do you really want other people, especially your rivals, looking too closely at what you are doing? Think about that today. 


If you throw the dice today there is a very good chance that your number will come up, but don’t get carried away and keep throwing after your initial success or your gains could quickly disappear and then become losses. Quit while you’re ahead today!


The Sun’s move into your birth sign tomorrow so this marks the start of a wonderful new phase but it will be even more wonderful if you let go of the past and only think of the future. What’s done is done and cannot be undone. Time to move on.


If you get the urge to act on impulse today don’t fight it. This is one of those occasions when you can afford to throw caution to the wind as deep down you know the wind will blow you in the right direction – a very profitable one.