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After a mildly embarrassing start to the year, you can finally save face when it comes to your reputation now that mercury is out of retrograde. If your public image needs some rehabbing, now is a good time to do it. Use this energy to figure out your goals, be professional, and become the “boss.”


After a long retrograde, it’s time to sort out your bank account. Today is a great time to look for ways to make money, find investment opportunities, and build up your net worth.


Your words hold deeper meaning now that we are free of mercury being in retrograde. You have the power to unlock a lot of doors over the next few weeks. Use a mix of logic and intuition to get anything you want.


After a rough start to the year, tensions in your relationships are finally going to ease up now that Mercury is out of retrograde. You’ll finally be able to use words instead of silence as you mend fences and clear the air. This is a great time to sign contracts and reach deals.


The retrograde may have thrown you off your game, but now… you’re back. You’re finally productive enough to get started on your resolutions. With this dynamic energy, start by returning the phone calls and work emails you may have avoided.


After a long dry spell, your creative spark returns today now that mercury is officially out of retrograde. Today you can finally express yourself and work on projects that you put on the back burner. Reaching your creative goals is going to come easily.


After a stressful holiday season, tensions are going to ease today. Get all of your situations in order and keep your private life private. Being at home can make you feel creative, so think about your space in new ways, especially if you’re doing some renovations.


No longer tongue-tied, you can finally see through the winter fog and gain some clarity while mercury is out of retrograde. Let your intuition and logical mind work together to solve any problems that sit with you. Speaking your mind and brainstorming clever ideas are going to get you noticed.


It’s time to chill out! After all that impulsive spending, you’re finally coming back down to earth. As your bills come in, think logically about your budget and how to get out of the red and work hard to earn the cash you need.


After a rough few weeks you can finally regain your confidence now that Mercury isn’t trippin. This is a great time to reinvent yourself to the public and to yourself. Use this period to your advantage as you make a good first impression on everyone you meet.


After a rough retrograde, you’re still very much in your own head. You’ll be keeping your thoughts to yourself over the next two weeks as you heal. End cycles that no longer serve you before the new year really begins.


New year, new goals, and new aspirations is your mantra for today. Now, as we’re moving forward, you’re ready to reach out to your community and pull your friends together to achieve common goals. Take some time to brainstorm some ideas today