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If you keep things simple over the next few days you won’t go far wrong for you. Most of all you have to be clear in your mind what it is that you are hoping to achieve and then focus on that to the exclusion of everything else.


This is the perfect time to put yourself forward and show the world what you can do. Employers, senior colleagues and other authority figures are going to be impressed by how decisive you are — and that you appear to be totally lacking in self-doubt.


You may not be enthusiastic about what you have to do today but do it anyway to the best of your abilities. If you give 100 percent at all times you’re going to find you begin to enjoy what you thought of before as a chore.


You have been carrying far too much emotional baggage around and you need to find ways to let it all go. It might help if you could stop dwelling on events in the past that can no longer be changed. It’s time to move on.


It’s definitely possible that you will get extremely upset with a friend or colleague who has let you down or even lied to you in recent months. Don’t blame it all on them though. You bear some responsibility too for your reckless wishful thinking. Definitely reevaluate the quality of some of your friendships today.


You will have to fight for your right to set your own agenda over the next week, especially on the work front where some of your coworkers seem to think they can control what you say and do. 


You should be full of energy after a nice reset from the weekend! Find ways to channel that energy into creative activities- there is no limit to what you can accomplish. It’s your day to shine.


Some of the tasks you are going to be faced with over the next few days may seem daunting but you have what it takes to make a success of them, so start the week with a smile on your face and let those around you see you believe in yourself.


Yours is one of the more adventurous signs of the zodiac and with the Sun now moving through the most sociable area of your chart you won’t be shy about putting yourself out there and making a name for yourself. Make sure it’s a good name, though!


If you have fallen out of favor with someone whose support you may need in the future then make a serious effort to get back in their good books today. Show them you have taken their criticisms on board and won’t make the same mistakes twice.


It’s time to throw caution to the wind and do all those fun things you have been dreaming of but, for one reason or another, never quite got around to. Be bold, and be brave and be the one who makes good things happen in the world.


If you feel the need to do something outrageous today, just remind certain people that you are not the timid individual they seem to think you are. Don’t go too far though and do things that could make you look ridiculous if they go wrong.