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Just about anyone will do just about anything you ask of them today, so get to asking! People in your circle are going to see you at your highest and will go out of their way to get the best for you. Take advantage of it! 


The more others tell you that you need to act quickly today the more inclined you will be to take your time and- on this occasion, you are right to drag your heels. The only reason they want you to move fast is because they will benefit from it. 


Use your Gemini talent for words to get people to support your way of doing things over the next day. Some of your ideas may seem a bit extreme for their liking but your charm and communication skills will win them over. 


This is a really good day for business matters of all kinds and if there are financial deals to be done you should be able to get the best terms. Remember though that you will make more money in the long-term if others make a profit as well. 


Not even a Leo can be a winner every day of the week but with the Sun as your ruler, there is every chance you will find yourself way out in front- especially today. The finish line is closer than you think! 


You will hear something today that you can turn to your advantage, but ask yourself first if that’s the right thing to do. If what you gain is at the expense of a friend then maybe you should second guess it.


You will be in a remarkably generous mood today, so much so that you may start giving away things you really should be keeping for yourself. I’m a big believer that what you put out in the world comes back to you but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice everything! 


You may not be the most trusting member of the zodiac but today suggests that both at home and at work you can rely on others to be honest with you. 


Support will come from an unlikely source today. Someone you don’t usually see eye-to-eye with will go out of their way to back you and to say you’ll be grateful is something of an understatement. Find ways to support them in return. 


An offer of some kind is going to come to you today and it will look extremely tempting but make sure it is a good fit for you. Financially, it’s clearly a deal you will benefit from, but is it worth it considering how much time and energy you will have to give in return? Think about it thru the day


Life is good and getting better by the minute and today means you can look forward to some real fun and games between now and the end of the week. Everyone thinks you should be at the center of things, so don’t disappoint them. 


Don’t let other people make you feel guilty about things you did not cause and have no personal responsibility for. They won’t hesitate to lay the blame for what’s gone wrong at your door if they think they can get away with it – so don’t let them.