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 By all means be forceful and determined today but don’t try to push other people as hard as you push yourself. Not everyone shares your energy levels, nor your ambitions, so make allowances for those who think and move at slower speeds.


Some of your plans may have misfired as of late but now you can see that you were actually fortunate to have been guided away from things that would have resulted in some major harm. Listen to what the universe is trying to tell you and always trust your gut.


If you need to kiss and make up with someone you have been on poor terms with in recent weeks then reach out to them today and don’t force any conditions on you being friends again. The past is over and done with. It’s time to move on


Let those you have feelings for know how much you care for them today. The longer you put it off the harder it will be to get them to believe that you love them and appreciate all the things they have done for you, so tell them right now.


If you have a falling out with someone in a position of authority today the consequences could be far-reaching, so do everything in your power to stay on good terms and certainly don’t get dragged into meaningless arguments.


You seem to be a lot more relaxed about life at the moment, and that’s good, but don’t get so relaxed that you cannot be bothered to take advantage of a new opportunity. It won’t be there in front of you for long, so seize it right now.


If you want to get away from your everyday environment for a while that’s great, but make sure you explain to friends and loved ones that it’s only a short-term itch that needs to be scratched and you will be back very soon. They’ll accept that and take it as it is.


Someone new is about to come into your life but if you are smart you won’t allow yourself to get too close to them too soon. This is the kind of relationship that must be allowed to simmer slowly before coming to the boil.


You will be asked some searching questions over the next few days and the most important one is: do you have the courage and the confidence to reach out and take what the world is offering? It’s not like you to be timid, so act decisively.


The people you deal with over the next 24 hours, both in your private life and at work, will respond best to charm, so tell them what they want to hear and then suggest what it is that you require of them. They’ll do it willingly, just for you


There may be a clash of wills today and if there is, you will need to tread a fine line between sticking up for your rights and allowing others to enjoy equal rights without damaging your needs and desires. Luckily, you’re good at walking tightropes!


By all means say sorry to someone you offended recently but don’t give them the impression they are entitled to some kind of compensation. If a sorry isn’t enough for them then maybe you should end the relationship and go your own way.