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Get a tattoo

“I dare you,” is the way to an Aries heart. Leave it up to your lover to pick stick and poke or professional but either way it’s a day to remember.


Spa Day!

A nice and relaxing day is the best way for you and your partner to spend your day. A mani/pedi and an hour long couples massage is guaranteed to set you up for success later in the night


Answer trivia questions about your partner

It’s time to pull out the index cards and start asking all of the questions. Some type of trivia or game night is the best way for you to spend love day. It’s a fun way to remind you and your partner how much you love one another


Recreate your first date

Of all the signs in the zodiac, Cancer is the most likely to want to look back on the past for Valentines day. Lean into this nostalgic quality by recreating your first date either by returning to the scene of the heart steal.


Make art

Whether this is going to a paint and sip or you go to a surprise valentine day photoshoot… Leo’s should definitely be capturing their love today through art. Honestly… even a coloring book and wine at home will do. 


Visit a greenhouse or botanical garden

Virgo is an earth sign and as such is most at home in nature. If weather permits take a long romantic walk in the woods/park and plan for a picnic. If its too cold for this kind of behavior consider a stroll through the botanical gardens or a green house. Virgos are a practical lot so If you choose the latter location, forego a bouquet and tell your lover to choose whatever potted plant warms their blood.



Go to a nice dinner

The average Libra might have the vibes that they don’t care about Valentine’s Day and that’s just a straight up lie. Cook a meal at home or make reservations at a place you can barely afford. 


Visit a speakeasy or an escape room

Scorpios prefer the quiet and the dark and are thrilled by a secretive surprise. So go ahead and find a secret place to spend your valentines day and have fun while you’re at it. 



Sagittarius’ like to have a good time all the time and tend to feel right at home and right on target in a dive bar with a karaoke machine. Get your lover and head to your favorite places for drinks and pick out the best duet song.


Ask the questions that count

Capricorns are in it for the long haul. They don’t have time or money to waste on small talks or something insubstantial so the move this v-day is to sit down and actually try to get to know your partner a little bit better. 


Go stargazing

You should go to an observatory or a remote location with clear skies to celebrate love day. Download a star tracking app and grab your hot chocolate to keep warm.


Create a cinema nest

To make this Valentine’s Day the best… grab a white sheet, a projector and an unexpected movie. Grab your favorite candy and wrap yourself up in your favorite blanket and call it a night with your boo.