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I am here to warn you that someone you think you can trust is jealous of your success and will undermine what you have achieved if they get the chance. So don’t give them that chance. Be on your guard at all times today and take nothing on trust.


You may not be the type who lets the world in on your innermost thoughts and feelings but something will happen today that makes you much more open about your needs and desires. Expect to get offers of assistance from all directions.


You have important things to take care of today but you can’t rush into them without planning ahead. You may think you cannot possibly fail but I am telling you… that energy and enthusiasm won’t be enough. 


Travel and social plans are under good stars today but there is also a possibility that you may have to take a detour or two to get where you want to go. Don’t worry about it to much though. You will meet some interesting people along the way.


What occurs over the next day will point you in the right direction financially and make it easy for you to make some much-needed cash. You won’t have to gamble but it will pay you to be a bit more adventurous.


You may not be the sort to break rules and cut corners but if you get the chance to move forward by a more roundabout route than usual today by all means take it. There’s no law that says you have to do everything by the book. Just ask for forgiveness later



You’re probably going to be tempted to push yourself harder than ever today but it’s honestly not necessary. Instead of striving for what you want… just ask for it. You’re going to get your way so go for it. 


You may be the kind who typically keeps your passions under control but sometimes you have to let the world know that your emotions are raging and that time is TODAY. The good news is these emotions are about love rather than revenge… take the opportunity to let people know how you feel. 


You can be hugely affectionate when the mood takes you and throughout the day you will leave friends and relatives in no doubt just how much they mean to you. You may be embarrassed about it later on but today you’ll love everyone!


Forget about details for a while and focus on the bigger picture. This applies both to your personal life and to your work. Let other people worry about methods and routines and what needs to be done and you just keep your mind on the end result.


You don’t have to be super competitive and you don’t have to win every argument. You will enjoy life more today if you look for ways to be more accepting of those who don’t share your same goals and beliefs.


You will be in a mellow state of mind today – and you cannot be bothered to make a fuss about things that you know won’t matter in the slightest. Enjoy each moment for what it is and really try to enjoy the people you’re surrounded by